Music : Celine Dion Taking Chances World Tour 2008
Oh my god! World's Diva Celine Dion is coming to MALAYSIA!!!

The only Celine's World Tour Concert in South East Asia will be held at Stadium Merdeka on April 08, 2008. Currently the tickets are open for sale.

The range of tickets would be RM158 and RM288 for free seating, RM488, RM788 and RM1000 for numbered seating.

Even if you can't afford for the RM1000 tickets, no harm getting cheapest one, it's great enough to listen to her voice LIVE! Hmmm, what do you say?

Most probably, taking chances, I'm GOING!




价格方面呢,当然是世界级的啦!分别有自由入座的RM158和RM288及对号入座的RM488, RM788和RM1000。



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