Music : Armin Van Buuren - Universal Religion 2008
一直以来,我最爱的音乐都离不开New Age及Trance。当然Pop, Rock, R&B等都喜欢啦。不过近来心情较差,也不知怎么地原本伤心时期都会听New Age,但最近我真的变了!我更爱Trance,感觉上Trance能更容易让我摆脱一切烦恼。

而全球顶尖Trance大师之一的Armin Van Buuren有新作,那就是Universal Religion 2008。希望大家会喜欢。

My favourite music would be New Age & Trance. Definitely Pop, Rock, R&B and etc. would be my choices too. I was quite down recently, normally I would straight away listen to New Age without further consideration, but I was changed! My priority has been given to Trance, I'm feeling that Trance could really penetrates into your mind to swept away all matters.

One of the world's best Trance Musicians Armin Van Buuren has recently launched his latest album named Universal Religion 2008. I strongly recommend to you all.

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