Thousands Words from My Bottom Heart

Times flies. I remembered when my younger sister Eunice and her son Lawrence applying for “Temporary Resident” Visa of Australia, I was assisting and accompanying her throughout the processes. One month after submission of application and medical check-up report, their Visa has been approved. My feelings is mixture, with joyful and a little bit of sadness.

Joyful is because they will be living in Melbourne, I bet this is another challenge for her in her life. Previously she was weak in most of the things, not even dare to drive when she is still in Penang. The moment when she decided to be reciting to KL to continue her career, I knew this will be a challenge.

She has been through all the hardship in KL, from struggling in life due to unexpected incidents to being able to settle down. That’s when I decided to start my career in KL, at the same time, she gets my companion. I’ve seen her grown up and being mature, from single to married, from a girl to a mum, from being careless to being concerns of everything, from being mood swing to considered person, and from never dare to drive to expert in driving… This is her achievement, her journey of life that I have witnessed with my own eyes.

Sadness is because she and her son are leaving. To be frank, I do not like my brother-in-law, his personality and attitudes is way too weird, even his family. The way he treated people is also different. Ever since the incident happened between I and him, I did not call him for years, I do not regret and I do not mind for being called as “no manners” fellow. He just doesn’t deserve to get my respect and honour, but I know the fact is he is husband of my sister and father of my nephew, that is undeniable.

Other than that, migrating to Melbourne is a new challenge for her. Australia is well-known as arrogant yet racist country, main language would be English, weather are four seasons, foods and cultures are all different. I am not doubt of my sister’s ability in adapting the environment and her master of language, but it is still too new for her. If she is reciting to Taiwan or Hong Kong, I guess it will be better.

Writing this blog is one of the hardest things to me in my life.

I’m a person that easy to get touched with lots of expression that always trapped in myself, but never knew how to let it out. Infinity is the secret garden that I will express my feelings out loud. I rather let her seeing this than asking me to express to her.

Please do take care yourself and your son there. If you are not happy living over there, you are more than welcome to come back anytime, my room is always open.

Hope you have a safe journey and everything sailing smoothly...

Courtesy of Mervin...
To my dearest sister Eunice and her son Lawrence...

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2 Responses
  1. Chris Says:

    all the best to ur sis ya..

  2. well written article.. at least the article touches my hear... okay, no more emo...

    a joke here... you and eunice from same family? or just god brothers? she looks so pretty and elegant while you... errr... errr.. hahaha

    god luck to your sis ^^

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