SaiGoN V | 马来西亚吸血鬼 Blood Sucker from Malaysia

Walao eh! Damn Maxis, SMSed me a extremely bad news early in the morning!

“Penggunaan sebanyak RM809.89 telah melebihi had kredit anda. Sila bayar dlm masa sehari supaya tiada gangguan perkhidmatan. Hubungi 123 utk penerangan.”

I was totally stunned and awake from sleep by this very simple SMS, because the amount is too awful. I have contacted them, the customer service representative passing my call to Collection Department, and scarier news is coming up next...

"Sir, your total charges right now would be RM1158.00."
"Huh, what? I received the SMS and it was saying RM800 something, how could it be RM1158?"

"Because you are roaming right now, the system might sent you the previous figures, but as what I can see on my system, it's RM1158 or maybe more."
"How come so expensive? I have been using roaming for years but this time is the most expensive."
"Sir, because we have new rates for 2009. You can check the latest charges on our website."
"Just assist me to arrange for the payment."
"How much you would like to pay?"
"What do you think, how much do you think I need to pay?"
"RM700, although you are coming back on next week but you need to control your usage."

就这样RM700飞回大马了... 去年到香港用的国际漫游服务都没那么贵,现在好像一开机就算钱叻,恐怖到!看来还是买当地的电话卡较划算。还以为衰运走了,谁知我的鼻子有够可爱,下午突然庆祝新年喔...又见红啦,还带点晕眩叻,搞到我不能出街。一整天待在家写部落,“显”(闷)到!
Afterwards, my RM700 has gone back to Malaysia... I remembered when I was roaming in Hong Kong, the charges is not so high, but right now it seems like once my phone is on, the numbers of amount start running, it's better to have bought a prepaid SIM card. And I thought my bad luck has gone too, who knows my nose is trying to act cute, still celebrating Chinese New Year in the afternoon... Nose bleeding, and feeling dizzy, forcing me to stay at home instead. I spent my day blogging at home, I know it's boring!

SaiGoN IV | 朴素的生活 Simple Life

原先计划是到最著名的多层隧道 Cu Chi Tunnel,不过因为时间的关系,我们更改地点,约在 Ben Thanh Market 见面,然后才到华人聚集的 District 5 第五屯。
My usual plan was visiting Cu Chi Tunnel, it was built during Vietnam-USA war to avoid from the attacks of enemy, it has about 200km in total, dividing into few levels. Due to the shortage of time, we decided to meet at Ben Thanh Market, then proceed to the Chinese district in District 5.

我到了Ben Thanh Market 还是不死心,一定要看我昨晚所买的礼物,况且我买的也不够分给所有朋友。但是不看还好,看了心痛到死,我买的竟然贵了最低25%至最高60%,而且还是已经杀价折扣了!那女卖的贵到有够力,下次看到这女的(下图),请离她一公里!这再度证明了早市的价格比夜市的更低,千千万万别买夜市的东西。
However, I am still unsatisfied if I did not check out the items I have bought in night market during day market. On top of that, still lack of few units for other buddies. When I was browsing through, I almost having heart attack especially when knowing I have paid 25% to 60% higher even after bargaining. This has again proven that the items sold in night market usually will be much higher than day market. If you so happen seeing this girl, kindly widen the gap between you and her.

要到第五屯,可在 Ben Thanh Market 的巴士总站乘搭一号巴士到 District 6 第六屯(第五屯的尾端)的巴士总站。那儿显得更热闹,一样有一座很大的批发交易中心,据说 胡志民市 的每一样货物都是在这儿批发,所以价格显然会更低!(我不希望看到我买的,还好没看到!哈哈)
We then took Bus No.1 from Terminal Bus of Ben Thanh Market to Terminal Bus of District 6, also nearby the end of District 5, where majority of populations here are Chinese. There is a trading complex doing wholesale, with crowds gathering in and out of the complex. According to the source, majority of goods in Saigon were wholesaled from here, prices would definitely lower.

During lunch, I persuade myself to try the local soup noodle inside the complex, where the place is smelly and dirty. However, if I do not try it, others would criticise me for not visiting Saigon. I ordered Chicken Soup Noodle, it taste just like Koay Teow Soup in Penang. The noodles looks exactly like glass noodle but it is thicker and more flexibility, with pork blood, mushroom and Asparagus as ingredients, veges like coriander and etc. as seasoning. If you are vegetarian, I bet you will love it.

Other than wholesaling kitchen appliances, clothes, underwear, toys and dried foods, I found high value goods such as fish fins, abalones, bird nests, scallops and etc., pricing wise is about the same in Malaysia, some are more expensive.

小食也很多,最著名的就是以透明薄饼皮再加入干辣椒及磨成粉状的肉,味道带辣也带咸,不过很有特色,味道很不错。据说是每一位越南人求学时必吃的零食,像极了我们求学时吃的Tora及Ding Dang巧克力饼。
A lot of snacks available here. Most common would be wrapping the dried chili and powdered salty pork with thin transparent layer of biscuit, it taste good as you could feel the spicy and meat floss like powder. It is said to be the snacks for every Vietnamese student, exactly like we are eating Tora and Ding Dang chocolate biscuit.

There is a street with shops selling pirated CD/DVD. Whatever movie, drama or music you wanna find here, they would have it. Even the hottest HK Drama and unreleased movie "Mei Lan Fang" starring Zhang ZiYi and Leon Lai can be found here.

附近有两座广场,一座是死城,另一座是空城。死城就不说了,空城呢就是 Hung Vuong Plaza 里的 Parkson 百盛 咯,销售员多过客户,也不是很大,最多人的还是四楼的游乐场及五楼的健身室。
A stone throw away, there are 2 complexes, obviously one is dead, with another is empty. The dead one needless to say, but the empty would be surprising, named Hung Vuong Plaza, with only Parkson occupying 3 levels, but shoppers can be counted with fingers. Most crowds are at amusement center in Level 4 and Vietnamese California Fitness Center in Level 5.

夜晚则和朋友去clubbing,一共去了两间。第一间名叫Cage,那晚有一项派对“Love In Saigon”,出席者都会戴上荧光手环,青色是单身 (Single)、红色是已经有伴侣 (In A Relationship)、黄色是什么都可以 (Anything I Can Get),然后贴上有号码的心型贴纸,要是想认识你的人都会写上讯息在字条上,然后“中选者”可到台上领取他们的字条。第二间则是 Lush ,音乐蛮okay的,什么人都有;不过地方很小,搞到我有点喘不过气来。
At night, we went for clubbing in 2 clubs. First was Cage, with special theme "Love In Saigon". Participants will be given lighting bangles with different colors, green indicating "Single", red indicating "In A Relationship" and yellow indicating "Anything I Can Get", followed by a heart shaped sticker with numbers to paste on any part you want it to be. Those who are interested in knowing you will write down the message and those who have been chosen are requested to collect the notes from the stage. Second club would be Lush, where you can find any types of people in there. The music is still okay, but with very limited spaces, I got breathless.

I promised to diet but after clubbing, we went for supper, and we ate "Roasted Pork Rice", haha. Frankly, the dish is way much better than Malaysia, certainly, not even Kim Gary could be their rival. This is the best dish I had since the day I was here.

埋同我乱认亲认戚!!! Don't simply say you know me!!!

哇哇哇, 好过分!




Wah Wah Wah, it's totally exaggerate!
Since when I have become somebody for someone?!

I found out that I'm someone's Ex in Vietnam!
There are people claimed that they knew me extremely well when I'm back!
Some even cross the border saying I was their Ex or boyfriend!

Oh My God!
Please lah!
Target somebody else!
Why keep targeting on me?!

Futhermore, when we get to know each others?!
Please clarify it!
Don't mess me up and bothering me to give clarification arounds!
You think that I do not have enough troubles?

SaiGoN III | 探索市区 Exploring the Downtown
I was lucky that my friend is free today, otherwise I will be alone.

第一站我们到了位于 Museum of Women 附近的餐厅享用午餐。卖相的确不错,可是入口时,只觉得“超级咸”,我怀疑他的盐是不用钱买的。而且还超级贵!一小嚄的饭、一盘猪肉、一碟菜、两杯果汁,供二人份,要价 VND134,000。
We had our lunch in a restaurant nearby Museum of Women. It looks good but very salted, I wonder if the salt was given to them for free. On top of that, VERY EXPENSIVE! For a table of two, we ordered Pork, vegetables and 2 glasses of fruit juice, total cost is VND134,000.

.:: Museum of Women ::.

It sounds fun, as it's like analyzing women of Vietnam. This museum is showcasting and appreciation of contribution-to-the-nation to women that are tough, fight for life, protecting themselves and family, fight against enemies during the war. I find that many Vietnamese doesn't know and never visited this museum.

.:: Vinh Nghiem Pagoda 永严寺 ::.

We took bus no. 4 on the opposite of street for our journey from Museum of Women to Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, cost only VND3,000. The most interesting of this Pagoda is the high rise building of Pagoda and the Hall with many Buddha statues, it is one of the MUST VISIT destinations.

.:: The Reunification Palace ::.

前称独立皇宫 (Independence Palace),建于1868年,1873年竣工,拥有136年历史,见证越南的风风雨雨。这也是当年总统居住的皇宫,也用来招待外国政要。楼高四层,入门票是VND15,000。
Formerly known as Independence Palace, it was under construction in 1868, completed in 1873, right now it has 136 years of history and had witnessed the dramatic changed of Vietnam. Besides being a house for former President, it was used to welcome foreign diplomatic. Total of 4 levels, entrance fee cost VND15,000.

.:: Tao Dan Park ::.

但最令我意外的就是城市里的公园 Tao Dan Park,原来闹市里还有一片充满新鲜氧气的绿肺。
What surprising me most is the Tao Dan Park in the city, hardly you can see the greeny park and take a deep yet fresh breath in the in city.

.:: Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica ::.

This will be the oldest church in Saigon. It was built between 863 to 1880, during French Colonial.

.:: Saigon Central Post Office ::.

Built in 20th century, both statues at both sides representing harmony.

.:: Diamond Plaza ::.
High-end shopping mall just right beside Saigon Central Post Office and Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. The clothing over there is apparently more expensive than Malaysia, not a good buy.

.:: Saigon Tourist Centre ::.

可说是另外一个外国游客积聚的地点。外国名牌如LV 等包罗万象,还有Parkson 百盛。每逢华人农历新年,这儿的街道都会被美化及布置,人人誉为花街。
This is a place where you could see more foreign tourists. Branded like LV and etc, could be found here, even Parkson. During Chinese New Year, streets here will be rejuvenates, and it known as Flower Street.

.:: Saigon Opera House ::.

建于1897年,由法国建筑师 Ferret Eugene 所设计建造。
Built in 1897, designed by French Architect Ferret Eugene.

.:: Ho Chi Minh City Hall ::.

The administration hall of Ho Chi Minh City Council, we always seen it in the pictures. It looks better than I thought as it is situated right in the heart of the town.

.:: Ben Thanh Market ::.

一个犹如曼谷 Chatuchak Market,样品琳琅满目,要什么应该都会有什么,连蔬菜、海鲜等等都有。早市的营业时间是到五或六时,夜市则在六时半开始营业。为了方便,我们到一间名为 Pho 24 面家享用晚餐。朋友告知 Pho 24 是一间很著名的越南面家,连美国也有连锁店。
It looks similiar with Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, there are variety of goods, you can get whatever you want, even if it's vegetables, seafoods and etc. The operating hours during daytime is until 5 or 6pm, night market would start after 6.30pm. We had our dinner in a noodle house named Pho 24. According to my buddy, Pho 24 is a famous Vietnamese noodle house that able to have chain stores in USA.

Right after the dinner, I went to the night market and see if I could get any local handmade products for my buddies. The salesgirl that I met is very polite and talented, she speaks different languages. However, I know ask for discount is a must, I'm only able to decrased the price to lowest 20% and highest 40%.
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