"Finally" Singapore
Is it hard to believe if I’m telling that I never been to Singapore?

There are many friends of mine were saying “Are you serious? You’ve been to many countries but you never been to Singapore?” Hmmm, I’m telling the truth, surprising? Yeah, that’s the reaction I received from my friends. So far I’ve been to Nagoya, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau and Ho Chi Minh. Singapore? Coming soon!

In fact, visiting Singapore was a coincident. It was because my cousin living in JB is getting married. I, my sis and my mum just take this opportunity as granted, spending 2 days in JB for my cousin's wedding and 3 days vacation in Singapore. But I swear, if possible, I would love to overnight in Singapore rather than on and off from JB. Traveling to Singapore via Causeway Link Express at Taman Bukit Indah is extremely troublesome and adventurous.

CW3 Causeway Link from Taman Bukit Indah to Jurong East

Everything seems great for the day. We took the bus called Causeway Link located at Bukit Indah, traveling to Jurong East Interchange in Singapore. The journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes, but we have to go through a lot of hassles.

First, boarding the bus, it's always the best to sit next to the door, at least there are little bit more spaces for you to breathe and better chances to "disembark for custom check". Driver may pick up anyone who trying to stop and boarding the bus. The bus may look “empty” at Taman Bukit Indah but you wouldn't know how many extra passengers along the journey, until you reach another bus terminal called Gelang Patah Terminal. The bus may become a Sardine bus by then!

Second, check-in at Sultan Abu Bakar Custom and Singapore Custom is like the “end of the world”. Everyone is in rush when the door is open to alight. You can see them running to the immigration counter, after checked-in; they ran to the next point to board the bus. Singapore custom would be the worst as you really got to be fast, otherwise, the driver is not going to wait for you. Furthermore, the driver doesn’t recognize you at all! Same goes to check-out at Singapore Custom and Sultan Abu Bakar Custom.

When I first step on the land of Singapore and Jurong East, I don't know why I feel relief. The very first word that I had in my mind was “Finally”. Perhaps I have wanted to visit Singapore so much but I just do not have the chance and time. Walking to the MRT station, something caught our attention; Coca Cola is giving away Coke Zero for FREE!!! I think that's the best welcome gift I received, LoLx… VIP/Minister getting wreath, I'm getting COKE! (not cock, please!)

FREE Coke Zero at Jurong East Interchange

We did not go to much places due to lack of time, we only able to make it to certain happening areas such as Bugis, Outram Park, Boon Lay, Chinatown and Tiong Bharu. I can't imagine if I am staying in Singapore, as I know the accommodation here is expensive but expenses here, I think it's very affordable. I bet I will be a SHOPAHOLIC even there is no warehouse sales. My mum and my sis are the best example. So far I only bought 2 bottoms, one is Signature by Levi Strauss & Co ™ Jeans cost SGD 49.90 from my ex-employer Jay Gee House in Jurong Point and checkers Bermuda cost SGD 8.00 from Bugis Street, thanks to my elder sis for getting me both pants.

Chinatown alike Bugis Street

Crowded Kuan Yin Temple

Praying to the god, wishing for the best 

Mum, I, elder sis, cousin, eldest sis 

Outram Park

My Levi's and shorts

Suddenly think of a quote
When I shop, the world feels better
P/S: Willy, I hate you!

My sis and mum went back to Penang via Senai Airport, while I depart to KL via Changi Airport. Otherwise, I will experience “end of the world” again, especially traveling back to JB during the Super Peak off-duty hours.

On AK710 back to KL 

Singapore deserved compliments, most citizens are well educated to be CLEAN and DISCIPLINE.

I'm not saying vulgar word! And I never meant to say that.

It's all TESCO... I saw KANASAI in TESCO


a dieting coffee that able to slim you down


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