五月廿八日: 妇女假期日? May 28 : Women's Holiday?




What had happened today?

I have been contacting numbers of person-in-charge of the mall, 100% are malay women. Unfortunately either they are on leave or MC.

The strange thing is that I heard the background of the phone, noisy and irritating. But to my surprise, she is still able to tell me that she couldn’t hear what I’m saying. Is she really sick?

Hhmmm, when did our country declare May 28 as Women’s Public Hoilday?

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别惹我(续集)Stop irritating me (con't)

幽灵 来无影 去无踪






别惹我 Stop irritating me

智 者 预 知 往 后 行 道
愚 者 遇 则 必 制 其 道

Genius would step backward if they knows me
Retard would live in ward if they underestimate me

全新面貌 Brand new look




Don’t know I felt boring of seeing the layout of my blog. Maybe it’s because of I’m using the templates from blogger and it seemed a lil complicating…

I’m searching for others and hoping to get one which is really suits to my blog’s style but it’s hard. Eventually I selected one template (forgot the name) and decided to edit it myself.

I took the picture at Batu Ferringhi Beach on 19 May 2008 Wesak Day.

This is the outcome! What do you think? Please vote the poll to let me know.

My previous blog 之前的设计
看电影 Watching movies


一. 电影片名

二. 时间

三. 地点

四. 订票


I like watching movies but very rare I would be initiative sending out the invitation, in contrast, friends are always being initiative.

In fact it’s kinda fun to get invitation and I wished I could attend too. Unfortunately majority of the inviter did not know the “rules”:

1. Title of the movies
Please inform me the movies that you would like to watch. Don’t tell me to check out the movies in cinema.

2. Schedules
Please inform me the time that you have selected. Don’t tell me to check out the schedule in cinema.

3. Venue
Please inform me the venue. Show your courtesy-of-invitation to your friends by not asking him to make the decision.

4. Ticket reservation
Once the abovementioned has been confirmed, kindly reserve the tickets immediately. Don’t tell me to check out the availability of tickets in cinema, especially from Wednesday until Sunday.

If you are keen to invite your friends for movie, ensure that you have planned it well then only ask for suggestion. Cinema is never established for either only you or me.

I’m so weak!

2008 is not a year that everyone would appreciate. To me, if I’m superstitious, I would say that the fortune teller has spoken that those who were born in the year of Rat will have a serious bad luck especially in healthy and wealthy.

At first I do not believed it but now I started to feel that it’s quite accurate. Majority of my Rat friends has been strikes by bad luck. Some involved into illogical accident, sudden sick, lost of career and etc. Like me, I just recovered from chickenpox but now I’m sick again.

Thanks to the frequent change of weather too.

However, the worst would be the Myanmar and earthquake in China. Thousands of people were killed in such incident.

Condolences to Si Chuan

Suddenly I felt that life of human is so weak.

I did not know Si Chuan people are living in the hell. The earthquake has killed many people and the first picture I saw on the headline of papers is where a guy was trapped under the collapsed wall, by seeing into his eyes, he is appealing for helps.

I was so shocked when I saw the picture, especially when seeing the rescuer pulling out the dead body of children one by one. Thousands of people were homeless, killed, sick, injured and hunger.

When US, North Korea and China keep showing their capability in having powerful and advance weapons, they are still not able to confront with Natural Disaster.

We should appreciate what we have now. Don’t wait until we lost the loves one.

[ Never ending will ] Picture taken from sinchew-i.com
[ 写不出的遗言 ] 图片摘自星洲网
Farewell for Mei Ling
I’m glad that I’ve found a new best friend. She is my colleague named Mei Ling, the Personal Assistant of General Manager, but also an assistant for everyone who needs help.

We had just known for 3 weeks but our relationship has gone farer. Unfortunately, she is leaving. We can even share a glass of drink, foods, and etc. More like brother and sister.

It’s truly our lost as I know after she left; there will be less laughter in the company. The moment of we were being together would be rarely happen again.

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian
I know this movie is like a fairy tales. When the first season The Chronicles of Narnia : The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe was launched, I don’t even feel like watching it. It gave me a feeling like I'm watching The Lion King.

But now I’m regret for not watching the first Narnia after I have completed the Prince Caspian.

Although it is just okay for me only but while in the cinema my feelings is almost at the climax all the time.

3.5 out of 5

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Rockport by adidas
Went to Gurney Plaza today and saw a pair of new arrival shoes by Rockport. Thinking of buying it but I think I have too much of shoes deee… so better save my money la!

Slit-Mouthed Woman
Most of the horror ghost movie would be ending with the ghost was being killed and never repeated again.

But this one is different as the soul of ghost will only focus on mother. By taking over the body and start kidnap the child, either torturing them or kill them. Even the wish of the ghost was grated, but she still exist!

In fact, the story line, acting, photographing are just okay only. The funniest part would be the ghost loves kicking people.

2.5 out of 5

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Now everyone can fly???
The race is back.

MAS introducing 5-stars RM0 air fares but AirAsia strikes back with its price which is even lower than MAS.

In fact what has MAS and AirAsia introduced is just a marketing trick. If you log in to their website, you will find that fly from KL to other international destinations is so little and all are so close. While AirAsia is offering all international destinations at RM0 air fares but traveling period is from Jan-Apr 2009.

I only focus on Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok and Taiwan. But the only route to HK I found is from Kota Kinabalu, air fare which is normally lower than RM1000K, there’s no route from KL to HK. So the current promotion is really great for those who would like to travel to selected destinations.

After a long and detailed research, I still prefer “Visit HK Now” or “SuperCity” packages offered by No. 1 airlines company - Cathay Pacific, the cost which is much lower than MAS and AirAsia.

Mother’s Day
I wrote this before Mother’s Day but I do not have time to post it.

When Mother’s Day is around the corner, I can see that there are lot of promotions and events. Even on blogs, I read a lot of stories about the contributions of mothers. Certainly, I was touched and at times feeling regret for not treating my mum in a better way.

But why we only start realizing only during mother’s day? And why are we only treating or buying gift for mum during mother’s day?

We grown up, we faced a lot of difficulties; we confront with the pressure but think deeply about it, you are just a grown up kids, but our mum has lived longer than us. The pressure and the difficulties that she had when raising us would be even harder than what we faced.

Make it everyday is mother’s day. When she is mumbling or you feel that she is annoying, think twice before you rise up your voice. If she is not caring about you, she is not worrying about you; she will just abandon you when you were born.

Orphans without parenting; you are completes with cares and loves. Sometimes do have comparison between the poor and the lucky one, you will find that you are live with the fullest of happiness, not the worst or the unluckiest.

Music : Rurutia ルルティア- 氷锁 Hyousa (Frozen Chain)
IPB Image
中文名称:氷锁 Hyousa (Frozen Chain)

03.Opus (ballad version).
04.銀の炎 (ballad version)
05.星のたましい (ballad version)
06.玲々テノヒラ (ballad version)
07.氷鎖 (musicbox)
08.無憂歌 (musicbox)
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消疤拯救部队 Scars Rescue Team

掌声欢迎Metholatum for men Charcoal Face WashBio-Oil 百用油Organic Aid Non-Comedogenic Hypo-Allergenic Cleansing FoamOrganic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream




Welcoming the latest members.

Thousands applause for Metholatum for men Charcoal Face Wash, Bio-Oil 百用油, Organic Aid Non-Comedogenic Hypo-Allergenic Cleansing Foam and Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream.

I heard that Pearl Powder by Lo Hong Ka is effective as well. No harm trying right?

As long as the product is effective, otherwise I will be so ugly for exposing my scars appearing in the papers and TV.

超贵的停车场! Most Expensive Car Park



Have you ever parked your car at such an expensive car park?

This photo was taken at Low Yat Plaza Auto-Pay Machine; I was shocked by that very tiny screen,because there is no maximum charges!

From 4:00pm until 11:37pm, it cost MYR17.00, average rate per hour is MYR2.125!








今天我也“不求好人”,这些工作也不是我应该做的。我们公司将会在双威嘉年华广场(Sunway Carnival Mall)举行促销会,向来严格的管理层出了名难搞,每次有任何促销他们都会要求我们交图册,然后才决定批不批准我们的申请。更过分的是他们居然要求我们交上3D立体的!简直是超过分。

对我来说,我并不稀罕得到那促销单位,只是决定简单的弄了个电脑式的Layout Plan给他们。看到宝宝她那么忙我也不大好意思要他帮忙。




自修CFA, MBASix Sigma应该没问题吧,哈哈!
Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル Heart Station MV Subbed/Karaoke
I mixed different translation versions together then added my own based on the little I know. Hopefully the full effect/message is now clear.

Thanks to Hikki and 8thsin for their translations.

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Music 专辑 : Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル Heart Station
Another long waited album by most famous and talented Japanese Singer cum Songwriter Utada Hikaru宇多田ヒカルhas finally launched her latest Japanese album named “Heart Station”.

The last album was “Ultra Blue”, launched in 2006. Featuring No. 1 hit single Keep Tryin’, This is Love, Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro (誰かの願いが叶うころ), Be My Last, Colors, Passion and etc. Therefore, she also launched her Concert DVD named “Utada United 2006”. It was the records of her concert when launching Ultra Blue.

The current album also featured numbers of No. 1 hit single, including Heart Station, Kiss & Cry, Flavors of Life, Beautiful World and etc. I personally prefer my favorite Flavors of Life, Prisoner of Love, Beautiful World and Heart Station.

Her last English album was Exodus launched in 2004. The latest English album will be launched either this year or next year. I’m still looking forward for more surprises in her latest English album; hopefully she is collaborating with Timbaland again!


This is the preview of her latest album

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First name: Mervin
Nickname: Miao Miao
What do people normally mistake your name as: Melvin
Birthday: November 15, 1984
Birthplace: Penang
Time of Birth: Noon
Single or taken: Taken
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

[Your Appearance]
How tall are you : How tall? How short are you la! 163cm lor...
Wish you were taller: Of course la, stupid question!
Eye colour : Dark brown
Eye colour you want : Bluish/Green/Light brown
Natural hair colour : Black
Current hair colour : Dark brown
Short or long hair : Medium now
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : Never
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : I think Dec 2006 kua
Glasses or contacts : Contacts
Do you wear make-up : Occasionally
Ever had hair extensions : Never
Paint your nails : Yeah! When I was a kid

[In the opposite gender]
What color eyes : Bluish
What color hair : Black
Shy or Outgoing : Shy
Looks or personality : Presentable. Friendly and understanding
Serious or Fun : Depends on the situation
Older or Younger than you : Age is nothing to me, as long as the love is there

[This or that]
Flowers or Chocolate : I like both but prefer something can eat…
Relationship or One night stand : Nothing can beat RELATIONSHIP!
School or work : Work, gonna complete my MBA soon
Love or money: Both are important
Movie or music : Music is great enough but movie would be a plus
Country or city : Doesn’t matter
Sunny or rainy days : Depends on the temperature and mood. Cloudy is good
Friend or family : Both

[Have you ever]
Lied : Who never done that before?!
Stole something : Errrmmm… yeah?!
Hurt someone close to you : Uummm… yeah?!
Broke someone’s heart : Errmmm… yeah?!
Had your heart broken: Of course la!
Wondered what was wrong with you : Sometimes
Wish you were a prince/princess : Yeah!
Liked someone who was taken : Yeah!
Shaved your head : Never
Used chopsticks : Yeah!
Sang in the mirror to yourself : YES! hehe

Flowers : Rose kua…
Candy : Any...
Song : Many lor! But prefer New Age de…
Color : No specific de wor but prefer bright de…
Movie : Horror, romantic, action

I tag :
1. Zi Yuan
2. huangbr
3. eS

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