Thousands Words from My Bottom Heart

Times flies. I remembered when my younger sister Eunice and her son Lawrence applying for “Temporary Resident” Visa of Australia, I was assisting and accompanying her throughout the processes. One month after submission of application and medical check-up report, their Visa has been approved. My feelings is mixture, with joyful and a little bit of sadness.

Joyful is because they will be living in Melbourne, I bet this is another challenge for her in her life. Previously she was weak in most of the things, not even dare to drive when she is still in Penang. The moment when she decided to be reciting to KL to continue her career, I knew this will be a challenge.

She has been through all the hardship in KL, from struggling in life due to unexpected incidents to being able to settle down. That’s when I decided to start my career in KL, at the same time, she gets my companion. I’ve seen her grown up and being mature, from single to married, from a girl to a mum, from being careless to being concerns of everything, from being mood swing to considered person, and from never dare to drive to expert in driving… This is her achievement, her journey of life that I have witnessed with my own eyes.

Sadness is because she and her son are leaving. To be frank, I do not like my brother-in-law, his personality and attitudes is way too weird, even his family. The way he treated people is also different. Ever since the incident happened between I and him, I did not call him for years, I do not regret and I do not mind for being called as “no manners” fellow. He just doesn’t deserve to get my respect and honour, but I know the fact is he is husband of my sister and father of my nephew, that is undeniable.

Other than that, migrating to Melbourne is a new challenge for her. Australia is well-known as arrogant yet racist country, main language would be English, weather are four seasons, foods and cultures are all different. I am not doubt of my sister’s ability in adapting the environment and her master of language, but it is still too new for her. If she is reciting to Taiwan or Hong Kong, I guess it will be better.

Writing this blog is one of the hardest things to me in my life.

I’m a person that easy to get touched with lots of expression that always trapped in myself, but never knew how to let it out. Infinity is the secret garden that I will express my feelings out loud. I rather let her seeing this than asking me to express to her.

Please do take care yourself and your son there. If you are not happy living over there, you are more than welcome to come back anytime, my room is always open.

Hope you have a safe journey and everything sailing smoothly...

Courtesy of Mervin...
To my dearest sister Eunice and her son Lawrence...


Malaysia really boleh lor! Don’t you agree?

After lots of achievement of proving Malaysia is really boleh, today, again the latest Malaysia Boleh was achieved by MACC assistant enforcement officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, he is being called as 19th witness of Teoh Beng Hock Inquest. He shall be awarded 1Malaysia Spirit Award!

My day was ruined by one call from representative of TM, who called to recover the due payment from me, which I had paid them 2 years ago at their old TM Point branch in Maluri, before shifting to Menara Maxisegar in Ampang.

In fact I’ve got another similar case happened to me, where I paid for my California Fitness Yearly Renewal Fees for 2 years in Oct 2007, but the staff told me that there is NO records found. When I called up, another staff claimed that she is handling my case, she even confirmed that the payment did not update into system is because lost of documentations. However, they have traced back the details and will do the adjustment shortly.

Okay, back to our Malaysia Boleh achievement. I read the news of Sin Chew Daily today after the distracting call. Though it is not the headlines but it is still obvious on the cover page of the papers, saying that…

“MACC Enforcement Officer, learning questioning skills from TV Programme”

Wahhhh, sounds very proud huh?! Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus previously was worked as a worker in a factory, probably an operator of production line. When he was appointed as an MACC enforcement office, he admitted that he has never been trained on questioning skills. He learned the skills neither from books or other senior or related professional officers such as customs nor PDRM, but MULTI AWARD WINNING TV DRAMA : CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) !

MACC, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commissions, a standalone yet independent commissions that fight against scandals and may assist to bring back the reputation of country, also to win the heart of investors is making such a huge huge mistake.

This is a professional body and I believe certain qualification is a must in hiring and selection of candidates, but now hiring “a worker in a factory” (according to local newspaper, if he was a professional in previous career, he should be damn proud to announce his profession) to be their enforcement officer, I would say, it’s a SHAME! If he can be an enforcement officer, I do not find any reason or excuses for anyone to be their officer too.

What is MACC doing??? It is such a BIG disappointment to the Public. I wanna know, Malaysian wanna know:-

1. Why appointing a worker of factory to be MACC enforcement officer?
2. Why no training was being provided?
3. If there is no training, is that meaning to say no trainer? If there is no trainer, in other words, there is no one who is qualified or being trained to be an MACC officer?
4. Is there a performance appraisal for MACC officers? If there is one, Royal Commissions should have known what they have done all this while.
5. Why MACC allows force, torture, violence, and psychological breakdown during questioning session?
6. Will officers misused their power?

To me, it is a must to have a Royal Malaysian Human Resources Commissions to have strictest screening and rules in hiring and selecting the right candidates to handle the right task.

Malaysia has gone through many hardship and shameful matters, also being a BIG joke to the planet (there are numerous of satellites surrounding the earth, if there are transformers and UFO, they must be laugh out loud)!

More news updates, please visit attached links by The Star
1. MACC officer denies using force during questioning
2. ‘Torture’ used at MACC office

Early Morning FUCK

I got pissed in the next minute I woke up... The scenario goes like this....

I was having insomnia until 7am this morning. It’s been so hard for me to get myself to hit the sack with my 3 quarter closed eyes, and I was being awake when I heard my sister spoken my full name over her mobile.

I took the phone, trying to find out who would call my full name by calling to my sister mobile. It was a Malay girl, she did not introduce herself but straight to the point, telling me I am owing TM a sump of money 2 years ago.

I was so mad and frustrated! I was very straight to the point, firing her until she has no turning back. The conversation goes like this:-

Girl : Hello, Mr. GCW kah?
(Hello, is that Mr. GCW?)

I : Speaking.

Girl : Saya telefon on behalf of TM…
(I’m calling on behalf of TM…)
Her speech was cutted by me as I already knew what she gonna bullshit next

I : Yang bill itu I sudah bayar 2 tahun lalu, I sudah call TM 100, Streamyx Billing Dept.,
Mereka sudah beritahu bill itu sudah selesai, tetapi jikalau saya check dengan TM Point
bill itu masih tertuggak.
(I’ve settled the bills 2 years ago, I ‘ve called Streamyx Billing Dept of TM 100, and they
Confirmed that I had cleared my bills, but if I check at TM Point, the bills is shown as due amount)

Girl : Ya, sebab anda belum bayar lagi. Amaun yang tertunggak…
(Yes, it is because you haven’t made the payment. The outstanding amount…)

I : I sudah beritahu yang bill itu I sudah bayar 2 tahun lalu. I sudah called TM 100 dan
mereka beritahu bill itu tiada masalah, tetapi kat TM Point, bill itu masih tertunggak.
Yang bill itu I bayar 2 tahun lalu, so sekarang macam mana nak saya cari resit 2 tahun
lalu? TM 100 dan TM Point guna system yang berlainan. TM Point tidak dapat masuk ke
dalam system TM 100.
(I already told you I have make the payment 2 years ago. I’ve called TM 100 and they
Told me my bill has no problem. However, at TM Point, the bill was shown as due
payment. The bill was paid 2 years ago, and how am I supposed to look for the receipt
dated 2 years ago? TM 100 and TM Point are using different system. TM Point are not
able to access TM 100 system.)

Girl : Mr. Goh sekarang tinggal kat mana?
(Where are you staying Mr. Goh?)

I : Penang.

Girl : Alamat anda di Taman Segar, Cheras. Mr. Goh tak terima surat reminder?
(Your address was at Taman Segar, Cheras. Mr. Goh did not receive reminder letter?)

I : Tak. Sebab I sudah balik ke Pulau Pinang.
(No. Because I have gone back to Penang Island)

Girl : Bayaran akhir yang saya nampak adalah pada September 2005.
(I saw the last payment made was in September 2005)

I : Bill itu I sudah bayar. Saya tak tahu macam mana nak cari resit 2 tahun lalu. You sendiri
Pergi check dengan TM 100.
(I’ve paid the bill. I do not know how I can trace back the receipt which is 2 years ago. You can check with TM 100 yourself)

Girl : Ok… ok… saya akan check dengan mereka.
(Ok… ok… I will check with them)

Please allow me to say FUCK YOU! I am soooooo pissed off! What the heck are you guys doing?

[ The Girl ]
I was working as Credit Analyst in DELL before, to analyse credit assessment, application, aging, and collections. Normally I will check everything before I proceed to call my customer to check on the status of the payment especially the system that which is not linked.

I am not a staff of TM, but I know TM 100 and TM Point are using different system.

Furthermore, it has been 2 years. By right, as a collection officer, if there is customer did not make due amount payment by 120 days, the aging is considered as uncovered and legal action may be taken, or may have categorized as loss. But they are only calling after 2-3 years! AMAZING!

[ TM ]
I now categorized TM as private government blood sucker. Why? TM is a division of Malaysian Government, though it has been privatized, but it is a GLC (government-related company).

I am wondering that TM 100, a one solution call centre that handles enquiries and complaints of customer. Other than Streamyx product, they also handle TM fixed line, TM Business and even Celcom.

TM Point as the frontline one solution retail outlet that provides one stop services such as new application, complaints, enquiries and bill payments for all channels, servicing customers face-to-face, EVERYDAY, but their system is OUTDATED!

How a giant international company like TM Group could use 2 different systems? The worst is TM Point act as the first contact to interact with customers, but using the outdated system to serve the customers. HOW COULD THEY ASSIST CUSTOMERS? To me, TM Point is just creating another problem.

While TM 100 is back-end support, and I do not know how both centre interact and communicate when there is an obvious conflicts that to be happened.

The lesson told us that, whenever you have paid for your TM Bills, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT WILL BE, YOU NEED TO KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE, till you die!

改变 Change

对我来说他们就是Poker-Facebooker (PK)!



竟然会refuse to change







T i R a M i S u

还记得1997年Secret Recipe刚开张时
而最吸引我的目光的不是Cheese Cake

Tiramisu有一个称号叫Heaven in your mouth


而这几年来除了Secret Recipe外
最后一次则是品尝于Pavilion的Italian On Sixth






汉堡包 Burger






他:“B, 我想吃汉堡。”




What am I?
Who am I?
I know I am lost
Lost in my direction
Lost in my control
Lost in my mind

Becoming someone I never thought I would be
Being admired by those who thinks I am an expert or a jerk
But how well do they know me?
Is this a compliment or confusion?
Does anyone knows about me inside out?

Apparently my emotion has taken over me
Becoming irrational yet illogical
Anger always has its say
Angel in me is hiding in somewhere no one could have seen
I do not know where I could find the real me

There I know there is one who love me
Toughness sometimes bring us down
Teasing sometimes lead to disappointment
There may be certain issues that distracting me
That I unintentionally let my anger on you

Though I may be rude at times
Though I may be over-sensitive
Trustworthy sometimes easily get in doubt
There is only one reason for me doing so
That I seriously concern every little thing of you

Though I am not a perfect man listed in top category
Though I thought that I could bring you full happiness
There is only one thing I can't deny
That I really love you

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Bad Day in Sakae Sushi KLCC

Today supposed to be a great day for us but was totally turned down in KLCC.

It wasn't a luck day for me. I had requested my housemate - Sui Yong's assistance in planning a surprise show up to my bb and my best buddy cum housemate Zi Yuan in KLCC, in conjunction to celebrate Zi Yuan's birthday. The plan was surprising them in any places in KLCC, which I successful did that in Isetan by following behind them. Then we were planning to have lunch in California Pizza Kitchen, but too bad that the restaurant is closed for private function. We have tried to go for other restaurants but it seems full house every else where. And we finally decided to go Sakae Sushi.

As usual and same as other restaurant, we are queuing-up outside of the restaurant, without being recorded in the waiting list. After 20 minutes, we are still queuing-up, that's when we started to feel unsatisfied over some unexpected issue. There were 2 stupid fat guys wearing bright red and bright yellow, which makes them looks like a dumb mobility but incomplete traffic light, cutting queue!

They do not feel shame over their actions but the worst is I saw them walking towards a table which is full of plates and unclear. The girl behind us got mad and walk towards to the manager acting as a cashier at the counter to make complaints but it seems unattended. I got even mad to come across such situation especially after a long wait, I walked towards the counter, while waiting the manager to collect payment from customers, I looked at his name tag "Wei Seong". Once he had done his collection, I was questioning him...

"Hi Mr Wei Seong, may I know why are you allowing that two guys seating over there while everyone here is queuing-up for so long?"
"Because we do not aware, they just walked-in and took the seat without out knowledge."
"Then you allow them to seat there and do nothing?"
"Because we have insufficient of manpower."
"Then what is the point you put the sign there [Please wait to be seated]? It is useless! This is a lame excuse and I can't accept that."

I got mad is due to following reasons:-

  1. I am celebrating my friend's birthday.
  2. Sakae Sushi, a Japanese restaurant with Japanese-oriented foods and name, owned by demanding Singaporean, should have been service-oriented as well.
  3. The restaurant is based in KLCC, a luxury and prime mall in Malaysia. Quality of services and foods are extremely disappointed.
  4. Manager's explanation cannot be accepted.
  5. Customers' complaint over two rude idiots that cutting queues was not being attended.
  6. Manager doing nothing over the two rude idiots that cutting queues.
  7. Manager did not take down our name and putting in waiting list, instead to let customers to queue outside the restaurant.
  8. Restaurant have ample of vacant seats but we are still queuing outside the restaurant.
  9. Many tables are not clearing up after the customers have left for some time.
  10. Salmon is not fresh and shrink due to long exposed of open air.
  11. Last 4 pages of menu, everything "N/A" (Not available).

After we finished our lunch there, the next thing that I'm going to do is writing complaint letter to several divisions. It would be the Headquater of Sakae, KLCC Management, public and leading forums and Public Complaint Bureau of Prime Minister Department.

This ain't the first time I am complaining Sakae Sushi and I'm wondering how their managers are being trained. So far I have complaints 3 Managers of Sakae, 1 in Queensbay, 1 in Gurney and 1 in KLCC.

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