Malaysia Lousiest Bank Ever - Hong Leong Bank Berhad

So far I have been dealing with several banks in Malaysia but I would say that their services are truly disappointing me. But out of 10 anchor banks in Malaysia, I would rate Hong Leong Bank Berhad as the lowest and most useless and inefficient bank in Malaysia.

I have been using Hong Leong Credit Cards, from MTV Card to Classic Card, then being upgraded to Gold Card. I even used to have Hong Leong Junior Savings Account and Fixed Deposit since 1998, Hong Leong Al-Wadiah Savings Account since 1999, Hong Leong Islamic Bank Multi-Tier Account in 2006, and Hong Leong Assurance Heritage Plan in 2008, but now all no longer available!

Back in 2006, when I was opening a Hong Leong Islamic Bank Multi-Tier Account at TESCO Penang, the teller was sooooo busy chit chatting and smiling with her colleagues but when comes to serving me, the face was sour and black like charcoal, it’s like I owe her million dollars.

And then I found that on the “New Account Application Card”, there was a “CTOS checked” chop. I still remember, many NGOs and citizen has complaining that due to CTOS only recording bad history, though they have fully settled the debts, but CTOS never amend their history. Also, CTOS is only an third party agency, thus any party that would like to check the credit background of customer, CTOS would reveal it. In this case, it is a BREACH OF PRIVACY. Due to objection from Malaysian, Government has announced to stop using CTOS as credit background checking, but HLB still using it.

After account opened, when I got home, I found out that the teller opened a wrong account for me. “Savings Account” was printed on my Savings Passbook though I already wrote “Multi-Tier Savings Account” on the Application Form. I called the branch and request for a change, and I would say that the BRANCH MANAGER that handle my request is extremely NOT FRIENDLY!

I got exploded when I made a call to Hong Leong Bank Customer Services Department (CS) on 09 May 2008. The call was attended by a lady named Kelly. Obviously, she is quite new and not being well-trained and exactly not suitable to be on floor.

I never ever had seen a CS that always changing her mind and never stick to her earlier decisions. I know that she was too afraid to attend a customer like me but please I gave her chances, I even request to speak to her senior or manager after the 20 minutes conversation of nothing, but I can feel that her senior is refusing to attend the call through their whispering when she did not properly mute the call.

The worst is whenever she is putting me on hold and getting solutions from senior, she will amend her first decision made. Then again and again, until I got frustrated and raise my voice at her till I get my final solutions.

But the problem did not solve. Almost every month I am calling HLB CS to make a complaint on following issues:-


When one Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is out of services, CDM in all branches, nationwide are OUT OF SERVICES
(CDM are sooooo cooperative and focus on TEAMWORK)

One branch, one CDM, no extra
(Just like One House, One PC program, but it would be useless to have extra CDM since ALL ARE SOOOOO TEAMWORKING)

CDM punctually OUT OF SERVICES at 10:40PM nationwide until 1:00AM
(Will you prefer to bank in cash by or after 12:00AM?)

CDM are always out of services from Friday to Monday. When called to customer services, they told me a lot of people deposited the cash during weekend, when the CDM is FULL; it will be out of services.
(But how would you explain why CDM is still out of services on Monday when the branch is OPEN for business)


When you called Customer Services to request for waiver on certain amount such as interest charge or late payment, sometimes they will tell you it will be handled by Credit and Collection Department (CC) and they are not supposed to do so THOUGH they can waive it for up to 3 months or more ( for Team Leader)!

When you request to speak to Credit and Collection Department, CS will ask you to call during CC’s office hours.

When you called during CC’s hours, CS refused to transfer your call to CC and tell you they are not supposed to transfer the call.
(So what is the point to call in during office hours?)

If you request for CC’s contact, CS will tell you they are not allowed to reveal the number.
(So make sure you save the number of CC’s agent when they called you for payment)


My payment was totally sucks, Reason I did not make payment is due to the case happened in May 2008. It has been a year and it has not been settled. Furthermore, I did not use this card for almost 3 years.

In May 2009, I decided to cancel my card. The next day, RS called me and asking me to keep the card. She will issue a new card for me with waiver on annual fees until 2012.

The most blinded thing that she said is “Refer to your credit history, your payment is GOOD”.

I am a bad paymaster (I have my reasons) and did not use the card for years, and you still saying I am a good paymaster?! In Cantonese, we called this “Tell lies with your eyes wide opened”.

When you owe them money, they will hunt you like a hungry ghost. When they need you, they will praise you though you insult them!

Credit and Collection Department (CC)

CC is the loan shark department collecting due payments, also, evaluating customers.

Keep calling in asking for payment, but never realized the AUTOMATED BANKING SERVICES (CDM/ATM) is extremely lousiest in the region.
(How am I going to make the payment when I work from morning till night? And when I’m ready to bank in, your stupid CDM is OUT OF SERVICES)

No one is permanently handling your account as I was told the system will allocate your account randomly to different agent every month.

Even your account is in RED FLAG (VIP or URGENT), the manager will never handled your account. In other words, the agent who handle your account will be responsible for all the mistakes that done by others earlier.

Besides, as what I know, as long as you are in the Operations Department (such as Personal Banker, teller, officer, and etc.), you will be given a sales target regardless whether it is unit trust, investment or insurance. Can you imagine that a teller in a bank is forcing to do sales? Ridiculous!

When I make a complaint to Hong Leong Bank in TESCO Penang and CC Department regarding the CDM and CS problems, they told me “I understand as well, but they (there) are like that!”

Maybank is investing millions ringgit to improve their CS system and they really improve a lot, in terms of all systems and performance of the agents. Hong Leong? Way too far behind others…

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9 Responses
  1. .:: Ant ::. Says:

    Hahahahaha ...... it'll be great if you could forward this to Malaysiakini and cc to HLB's MDs office and Corp Services Dept.

    I found that going all the way to the top (MD or other senior staff) solves problems very quickly.


  2. cibol Says:

    biasalah kiamsap bank .. everybody knows that wat .. :p

    family runned business is always like that. hlbb doesn't start as a bank in the first place, people come and go in HLBB thus the pooor services. Don't say to customer lah but even to their own staffs.

    so, not that I'm suggesting la but - why not just move to other banks instead?

  3. Ha ha... some of the points are agreeable.

  4. Unknown Says:

    HLB especially SUNWAY Branch is the worst branch that I have ever experienced! Bad Staff! Bad Customer Service!

  5. Unknown Says:

    HLB is the worst. Totally agree. For some sign for credit card. NEVER received the cards. Then want to cancel even before seeing the card with their bad service, they say must pay annual fees! Damn teruk the service. The call centre guy also not polite on the phone.

  6. Unknown Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Unknown Says:

    Crap call centre service. Horrible customer service in general. If got NO intention in giving a good service for customers, then please don't chase and force people to sign up when they are shopping in the mall.
    Its like u have to run helter-skelter when u see credit card people standing there. The worst! Thank god I don't have an account in that bank.

  8. Unknown Says:

    Crap call centre service. Horrible customer service in general. If got NO intention in giving a good service for customers, then please don't chase and force people to sign up when they are shopping in the mall.
    Its like u have to run helter-skelter when u see credit card people standing there. The worst! Thank god I don't have an account in that bank.

  9. Unknown Says:

    Hong Leong Bank sucks big time!! I still have Hong Leong bank account because my mom forced me to keep Hong Leong bank account for some reason because my mom knows that hlb branch is located beside my area, but now I don't care about branch locator, whether it's too far or near my area, I do care about banking services and experience that I had trying some several malaysian banks. Later I will close my Hong Leong bank account after few month of account opening date and switching to public bank.

    Here is why and here is the Hong Leong bank terrible banking experience I ever had:

    1. Online Banking: I hate Hong Leong Connect online banking, when it comes to shows transaction history, what the hell is this?! They spilt between banking account and debit card transactions history! Look, banking account transaction shows on normal transaction history, but debit card transactions shows on a separate transaction history called "debit card transactions history"! My maybank online banking don't have those issues so far, all banking and debit card transactions always shows in just single transaction history, not a separate ones. Even my CIMB clicks always no problems shows all transaction between banking and debit card transactions in just a single transaction history.

    2. Cash withdrawal and account linking: Hong Leong Bank accounts and debit card has some problems, when I opening only one account (i mean one pay & save account) linked to a single debit card I applied for the first time, when it comes to withdrawal cash and balance inquiry, a pay & save savings account linked to my debit card was shown as current account, not a savings account?! WTF?! I through it was a savings account! This is so weird! And when i use the hlb debit card with one pay & save account linked to withdrawal cash at any meps atm, I had need to choose current, not savings. Stupid! My maybank debit card has 1 savings account linked, but when withdraw cash at any meps atm, I only need to choose savings, not current, no problem. I also do have CIMB account too, no problem showing my Tesco savers account as savings account in ATM for balance inquiry and cash withdrawals.

    3. Cash deposit machine: As I said, Hong Leong bank has a worst cash deposit machine I ever seen! it keeps out of service in all branches consistently! This is so stupid! Of course when I went to HLB branch alma, I saw there is too long queue because of two machines has some differences, only 1 machine works and 1 machine still maintenance.

    I'm hate Hong Leong bank right now, and I will never banking with this stupid bank after I close my hlb account. In the meantime, I will cash deposit into my hlb account, then I use online banking to transfer my money from HLB to maybank and CIMB. I'm also stop using hlb debit card for making any purchase except for reload bigpay, mpay, merchantrade money and aeon member plus visa via fpx and some cash withdrawals.

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