Wonderful November : My 25th Birthday Celebration
It's been awhile I did not post anything up on my blog. As usual, I have more than 10 blogs saved in Blogger's draft. Mostly are incomplete due to certain reasons, minority are completed but don't feel like posting.

But one thing I wanna share with you most is my 25th Birthday celebration. This is the second time in my life that I am celebrating my birthday in Kuala Lumpur.

The moment still fresh in my mind, in 2008, I was celebrating my birthday with a bunch of best buddies in Faces Steakhouse in Penang. Then the next day, travelling to Cameron Highlands with my parents, my youngest sister and her son.

This year, it is also special and interesting to me as it will be my very first time, also their first, to celebrate my 25th Birthday. A sincere thanks to their courtesy and efforts in making my 2009's birthday complete and wonderful. Thanks to my lovely Zachrey and Clover.

Nevertheless, on the following day after the celebration in TGI's Fridays, we are heading to UNESCO World's Heritage Site - MELAKA (MALACCA)

I reached here on 11:11am on my birthday :)

Look familiar? Yeah~ Exactly same as the bus of the snacks - Double Deckers

Famous with their layer cake - Nadeje Cafe @ Dataran Pahlawan

First, the Monotone - Just a normal mousse cake, lack of chocolate!

Second, Rum Raisin - Is there rum in this layer cake? I can't taste it!

In the end, I put all my hopes on Tiramisu - It is the worst Tiramisu I ever tasted in my life! What makes this Tiramisu special is of the layers! To me, that's sucks. Tiramisu is when you put it in your mouth, it will melt and that's when you started to feel love. But I felt sick with this!

Among all chicken rice balls seller, Chung Wah is the only one has no branch. One and Only

Tasty yet smooth

The tasty rice balls that you will ask for more.

You want more foods? Check this out

Sweet Potato "Put Zai Kou" ( 木薯砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Red Bean "Put Zai Kou" ( 红豆砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Sweet Potato with Red Bean "Put Zai Kou" ( 红豆木薯砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Sweet Potato Cake with Shredded Coconut (椰丝木薯糕)

The most famous, also one and only Satay Celup - Capitol
(Be there before 6pm, else you gonna stuck in a long queue)

One of the famous local food makers at the corner of Jonker Street

It was raining, yet we truly enjoyed the trip

Overall, the trip is simply wonderful as three of us spending our quality moments together in this so-called historical city. When I said so-called, it does reflects my dissatisfaction to Melaka, why? Thanks to the Melaka government for building so much unnecessary yet artificial structures within the historical sites. Eg. Revolving Tower, Mini Fort, and etc.
Beautiful Lie

This ain't a blog about myself but sharing what I think it's nice and great

Still remember Jennifer Paige?
She was once famous due to her single "Crush"

Still remember Nick Carter?
He was a part of Backstreet Boys, elder brother of Aaron Carter

Now they both duet in latest hit single
"Beautiful Lie"

Click the PLAY button below

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X-ploring the World

Wow~ I love shopping but I also in love with low fare of air tickets promotion, or even better deals “FREE SEATS”!! Thanks to the tough situation and strong competition between airlines operator, namely Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Tiger Airways Australia and etc. It really benefits us as a passenger, to be able to fly, expand our routes, exploring the world, at lowest fare.

So far I’ve been to several cities in Asia. Now I am aiming to explore more destinations especially the countries in West. However, air tickets and accommodation is always the main concerns, as we always perceive that travelling will require a sum of cash. To me, I only believe that to be able to fulfill your dream, you have to:-

Dare to dream
Dare to challenge
Plan your task
Work for your achievement

The cities that I have been to includes
Hong Kong, Nagoya, Tokyo, Bangkok, Macau, Ho Chi Minh City, Krabi and Singapore

Confirmed upcoming 2010 travelling plan include
Denpasar (Bali)

Possible but yet to confirm destinations are
Melbourne, Phillip Island, Tasmania, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and Kaoshiung

I wanted to go Shanghai is because of World Exposition 2010 that will be held from May 01 to October 31. It has more than 130 countries to participate and exhibit there, other than that; other corporates would also take part in this event. This event will be held once every 4-5 years, if you missed it, you gonna wait for few years later.

United Arab Emirates' Pavilion. Inspired by the desert

China's Pavlion. Inspired by Chinese word "人" (Human)

Singapore's Pavilion. Inspired by a music box

Finalist of Singapore's Pavilion. Too bad that this cubes was not selected

And... Malaysia's Pavilion. I wonder which architect is so good that able to design well-known Indonesian Minangkabau style roof top. How could it represent 1Malaysia when the design is so not Malaysia...? And who else still remember the motto of Dr. M "Malaysia Boleh" when there is a new formula "1Malaysia", has overwritten it... Malaysia Boleh? Show us the best then...

I’ve been to the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. It can compete with the DisneyLand and DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan. By attending to this event, there is no difference if you are telling others that you have travelled around the world in just ONE day (if you are able but I don’t think it is possible) or maybe two. This event is certainly a place for you to experience and learn, be it the architectures, technologies, cultures or souvenirs. You want it, they have it!

More info, visit World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

More pavilion's photos, visit World Expo 2010 PAVILION
Life's Like This... It's Over
It’s been awhile since the last posting. Recently I was really tired, not physically but mentally. Turn back to the month of September, I find that not only I was going through the troubles, it happened to other friends as well, thanks to their status updates on Facebook.

First, it was misunderstanding and argument with housemates, and certainly it hurts and leads to no turning back. There are certain words that are not supposed to tell anyone nor voice out on certain media spacing, but we’ve seen all that, heard it as well. In fact, the truth is as simple as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3, it’s about communication and mutual understanding, and obviously, miscommunication is always the prior.

It’s hard to heal the wounds, yet it is not impossible. Hearts and efforts can be seen if you willing to initiate the first contact.

Second, there was a serious argument between my mum and my aunt. It happened in… Genting Highlands

We all knew that my aunt is a very hot temper that will throw tantrum without filtering her words via those cells in her brain. We also knew that my mum had been calm and patient for several years, not to withhold nor tolerate aunt’s “royalty attitudes” but being health-conscious.

My aunt is letting out those sarcastic words to my mum, even asking my mum not to seat in her car to go back Penang. My mum called me around 11:30pm, I was really shocked and helpless though I wanted to help, but it seems like there are not much things that I can do. Calling my aunt would only lead to another argument.

I’ve no choice but to SMS my uncles and elder aunt, sort of like seeking their assistances to talk to my “tempered” aunt as I know I am still not the best person to educate her. When my uncle and elder aunt called, I was crying out loud and sadly. I cried is because throughout the conversation, it reminds me the quote from my mum, “no matter how, you need not to do so, because when you were young even now, she is still caring and loving you”.

Third, it was argument between me and my bb. It’s a long story and involves a lot of matters. I don’t know where to begin; I only know there are few words to best describe our situation, miscommunication, untrustworthy, misunderstanding… and maybe unreliability?

Regardless of the issues, we have been together for 6 months. Even after serious arguments, we both know how much we meant for each other and cherish every bitter or sweet moments together.

Fourth, my health… I was sick lately, don’t really know why and what is wrong. At first, I suspected dengue but I’m not quite sure, luckily get well in just few days, thanks to the Paracetemol from my housemate. But just few weeks later, I fell sick again, sigh….

Another issue will be my weight. Keep up and down like share market, right before I sleep or after I woke up, it can be happen in hours. I know I am suffering dropsy but never thought that it will be so serious. Do you have dropsy concerns? Tell me what I should do in order to stay healthy!!

Fifth, my career… obviously, is dropping “tremendously”. Sales is another issue but trustworthy is the prior concerns in an organization. I’ve lost confident to current partners due to their negligence, delays, excuses, stories and etc.

If you see my resume, it is always up and up and up, hardly you can see my Career Life Cycle drop. I know I almost reach the ceiling, I am trying hard to maintain it, but sad to tell, I’ve failed. Maybe it is of “what goes around comes around” theory.

I do not mind if I have to step down, I understand that it is for the sake of my future. Besides, even if I am out of the box now, I believe there are much more to discover and learned. I’ve temporary give up the current aims, moving towards a bigger family now. Am looking forward into aviation or hospitality industry, is that big enough?? Wish me luck!

Most of the fortune tellers in the world saying that “Rat” would have a great careers and good lucks in this year, I guess I am the minority that doesn’t great enough to deserve it.

More updates coming soon… Wanna know my 25th Birthday Celebration and Malacca trip? Stay tune!
Power of Good-bye



但无意间听着麦当娜的Power of Good-bye

There’s nothing left to try
There’s no more places to hide
There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye

There’s nothing left to lose
There’s no more heart to bruise
There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye


人与灵之间 畏人
人与言之间 忌言
说好话 是因为珍惜眼前一切
说伤话 只能让人更刻骨铭心
说老话 冀望可再重回到之前


误会 可澄清
错了 可解释


Your heart is not open, so I must go
The spell has been broken, I loved you so
Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is a warning that something's wrong
I pray to God that it won't be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

There's nothing left to try
There's no place left to hide
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye
 Your heart is not open, so I must go
The spell has been broken...I loved you so
You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress

There's nothing left to lose
There's no more heart to bruise
There's no greater power than the power of good-bye

Learn to say good-bye
I yearn to say good-bye

Special Compliments to Laneige Malaysia's Brand Manager, Celine Diong

Picture tells everything. Click on the photo to ENLARGE

On October 13, 2009, someone was knocking my door early in the morning. It was a guy from courier services company, telling me that I have a parcel.

After signed and look at the consignment note, it was a parcel from Laneige Malaysia. Without hesitation, I quickly open the parcel. It is surprising to see the package they have sent to me, as there are 2 products that are not available in Malaysia market, but I am so lucky to receive these.

There is also an apology card from the girl who handled my inquiries and a note from Brand Manager Celine Diong. In the note, she said that this package is a token of regret for being rude to me on the other day and thanking me for being understandings and forgiveness. In the package, inclusive of:-

Laneige Homme Cool Sports Lotion [N/A in Malaysia]
Laneige Homme Cool Sports Skin Toner [N/A in Malaysia]
Laneige Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam
Laneige Homme Trial Kit
An apology card and a note 

I would like to thank Celine for being prompt and efficient in this matter. Of course, thank you so much for the package as I never thought it would be the products that are not available in Malaysia, I was still hesitating, could it be the Cleanser or the Scrub that I wanted to buy on the other day? Anyway, thank you and hoping that your subordinate will provide excellent yet professional services to everyone.

And not to forget, a special thanks and compliments to Ms. Eva Mak based in Parkson, The Pavilion.
(Con't) Simply Disappointed

Okay, it's my bombastic time! People keep saying "Never piss off women", besides women, never piss off me as well! This is the first time I am being treated so rude and am seriously disturbed. I never had faced such bad service before.

Don't blame me for being demanding, don't say that I am mean, I am just helping them to improve and develop their business better. The fellow who was rude to me, if you get fired, make sure you go home and facing the surrounded walls and think properly what you have done!

Below is the original email that I have sent to :-

1. Laneige Malaysia (indirectly sent to Laneige Asia HQ in Singapore, in-charged by Laneige Korean CEO)
2. Amorepacific Customer Services in HQ, Korea
3. Amorepacific Investor Relation in HQ, Korea
4. Amorepacific CEO based in Korea HQ, Mr. Kyung-Bae Suh
5. Amorepacific CEO based in France, Mr. Innsoo John

P/S: Amorepacific is parent company of Laneige. One of the top skin care companies and Top 20 companies in Korea.

On Oct 07, 2009, at 07:38pm, I was calling Laneige Malaysia Customer Service No. to inquire about the product status. The call last for 5 minutes 34 seconds.

I called to your office after office hour, I was impressed that someone picked up the phone but she really had ruined my day. The products that I am inquiring are Laneige Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam cost MYR60 and Laneige Homme Sebum Free Scrub Foam cost MYR65.

The reason that I am calling to your office is due to :-

1. I am regular of Laneige Homme. Thus, I am getting abovementioned products for my friend as his birthday present which is on 12 Oct 2009.

2. I went to Isetan in Lot 10, but unfortunately no staff was on duty.

3. I then went to Parkson in The pavilion. I was told by the staff named Eva that stocks are not available at the moment due to the recent warehouse sales and mess in inventory, the shipping of new stocks were delayed. Replenishment most probably only can be done on 14 Oct 2009.

4. Eva was helpful, a compliment to her. She was assisting to call other counters located in Golden Triangle to check the stock availability, but unfortunately all were out of stocks.

5. As I am not able to travel to other places which is farer than Golden Triangle, I was asking Eva if the stock is available in other counters, is it alright to transfer the stock to her counter, so that I can pick up, but she said it is not possible.

Hence, I am calling to your office to inquire, hoping that they could assist me in this matter. I am sorry that I did not get her name as I do not have the chance. I only have the length of time that I made the call.

I was telling her my problems. I even apologize to her as I know I am calling after office hour, I did even leave my name and contact no. to her, telling her that it is alright if she don't get back to me now, as I know I am not supposed to call now, she could call me on the following day.

When I am telling her point 4 as above, her voice sounds frustrating. When I am telling point 5, that is transferring the stock, she was cutting my speech by yelling "Hello" loudly to me. And I thought that the line is breaking and asked if she could hear me, she replied loudly by saying "Yes, I could hear you". When I had finish my speech and she promised to get back to me, she was slamming the phone. I believe that we all know how do the hang up call sounds like when one was getting mad.

I am already very upset as I could not get the products that I want.

I already apologize for calling in after office hour, but still I am getting such customer services.

we are all consumer and we do know that customer are calling in to get a solution. If you could help, just say yes, if it's not possible, explain why. But why is she yelling and slamming the phone? I had never seen such a rude person.

I do not mind if she is cursing me but please only do it after the call was hung up properly. It is not professional to handle customer inquiries by showing your anger.

Laneige is one of the premium brands. I am hoping that such case will not repeat. But frankly, I am seriously disturbed by such unreasonable yet rude treatment and am hoping that you could take appropriate action against the unprofessional personnel who handled my call.

As per normal, I was sharing my experience with my friends and bloggers after using Laneige products. Nevertheless, I will be sharing this experience with them as well.

Thank you.

After making the complaint, the next day, I went to Pavilion to get other product from Laneige. You may say that I should not purchase anything from Laneige but one thing I wanted to clarify, that is I am mad because of the rude staff, not the product, although she is representing the company.

On October 09, 2009, I received a feedback from Brand Manager of Laneige Malaysia named Celine Diong (Not Celine Dion). Her sincere apologies had shown that Customer Services indeed is important to them, it is an intangible revenue to any organisation.

A compliment to Celine for her sincere apology and prompt reply. Hoping that you would really taking appropriate action against your rude staff. Thank you.
Happy 21st Birthday

View from Revolving Bintang Restaurant 

It's the first you have your birthday with me
Throughout the period of being together
Tough & joyful, we overcome together
Spending every precious moment with you
And yet I love you even more everyday

Happy 21st Birthday to My Love

Simply Disappointed 就是失望

I am very disappointed with certain brands
More to reveal after next Monday
Stay tuned!





BaByMeRV | says:
hi there
i got ur msn via ur website

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just wanna know that r u selling my beauty diary mask?

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is it all series or partial?

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wait,i copy and paste to u

BaByMeRV | says:
is ur company same as beautymall2u.com ?

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我的美麗日記 现货 RM29.00 1盒10片 
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我的美麗日記面膜~限量草莓優格面膜 RM3.50/片 1500片
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山茶花極潤保濕面膜 1盒6片 RM41 10盒
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白金保濕面膜 1盒6片 RM41 10盒
this is my stock level

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i concern about this because beautymall2u claimed that they are the sole and exclusive distributor in Malaysia. any other company selling my beauty diary mask r mask that imported from china
bcos i am acting on behalf of my client in East Malaysia, they hv total of 9 outlets, i will be organising health & beauty event for them. now i am sourcing new products for them in order to increase their branding and sales
hence, it is important for me to know if u r one of the authorised dealer from the manufacturer, as if there is any RMA of the product, i will gv someone to follow up for me

TSF- www.ladies-mall.com - Ladies Fashion Clothing | Bags | Cosmetics | Wholesale Channel - Working says:
watever,we direct import from taiwan
you know how to differentiate china mash?

BaByMeRV | says:
the packaging and the fragrance r different!

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some1 got help ppl import, RM1.50/pcs
and if you are from kl,you can now goto ss2 pasar malam,all selling china my beaty disry mask, good business

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i know
there r night markets from mon to sun in cheras

TSF- www.ladies-mall.com - Ladies Fashion Clothing | Bags | Cosmetics | Wholesale Channel - Working says:
so wat u want to know from me?

BaByMeRV | says:
i can see many stalls selling it
i already told u my purpose of contacting u

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and the way that u express is such a rude
btw, when im dealing in business, the TERM "WHATEVER" should not be practised. and i do not think that you are keen in this business. I will revert to my fren who bought the mask from you. TRULY disappointed!
i dun understand y my fren said u r friendly

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muz be handsome nick
im sarah
i got said whatever..whatever beautymall2u or beautybeaty2u said other eller are import from china
got any wrong to say whatever?
you are too sensitive

BaByMeRV | says:
yes, it is wrong in that sentence because it sounds like u r saying whatever to me instead of beautymall2u.com. then u should have conversed it in better sentence please

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BaByMeRV | says:

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im from chinese school
then i start lo

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因为我将会为我于东马的客户主办一场为期一个月的Health & Beauty Fair

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Not Interested In Your Cheese

A Swiss Army Cheese can guarantee that your cheese will stay safe forever 

Now you are given a scene.

  • There is ONE CABINET
  • Inside the cabinet are 2 BAGS of cheese powder putting left (Pack A) and right (Pack B

Scenario is… 
User A of Pack A claimed that Pack A and Pack B cheese powder are at same level (maybe someone measured all the time or Pack B has been eyed).

4 days later, Pack A’s cheese powder suddenly vanished quite a lot, even can see the bottom of the plastic bag. Therefore, User A started claiming that Pack B’s cheese powder looks like becoming more compare to last seen.

There are few LOGICAL questions that really screwed my mind:-
  1. Pack B cheese powder seems like becoming more. Is it because of the comparison reflects the differences of both bags or you really thinks that thief is moving Pack A’s cheese powder into Pack B?
  2. Family of Pack A having a special guest staying over for “N” days. Could it because of the special guest, causing the usage of their cheese powder increased tremendously?
  3. Why would the thief steal so much of cheese powder in one shot. On top of that, not keeping it somewhere else or utilizing it but putting it into his/her own pack (Pack B). It would be easier to discover since both bags are putting together in the SAME place, SAME cabinet. 

If you are stealing it, will you keep it in your own bag where both bags are putting in the same place, same position? Since when there is a thief so stupid until will leave evidence there just to let the whole world know?

How would I know who moved your cheese or whatever… My patient has limitation and I don't like accusation as it is a serious offense. Besides, it's from a friend that I knew for years. I've given enough spaces and there are not much left, I do not wanna ditch anyone yet.

A dot (.) is not just a point, but a full stop (.) to indicate happy ending, though at times it's harsh.  
"Finally" Singapore
Is it hard to believe if I’m telling that I never been to Singapore?

There are many friends of mine were saying “Are you serious? You’ve been to many countries but you never been to Singapore?” Hmmm, I’m telling the truth, surprising? Yeah, that’s the reaction I received from my friends. So far I’ve been to Nagoya, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau and Ho Chi Minh. Singapore? Coming soon!

In fact, visiting Singapore was a coincident. It was because my cousin living in JB is getting married. I, my sis and my mum just take this opportunity as granted, spending 2 days in JB for my cousin's wedding and 3 days vacation in Singapore. But I swear, if possible, I would love to overnight in Singapore rather than on and off from JB. Traveling to Singapore via Causeway Link Express at Taman Bukit Indah is extremely troublesome and adventurous.

CW3 Causeway Link from Taman Bukit Indah to Jurong East

Everything seems great for the day. We took the bus called Causeway Link located at Bukit Indah, traveling to Jurong East Interchange in Singapore. The journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes, but we have to go through a lot of hassles.

First, boarding the bus, it's always the best to sit next to the door, at least there are little bit more spaces for you to breathe and better chances to "disembark for custom check". Driver may pick up anyone who trying to stop and boarding the bus. The bus may look “empty” at Taman Bukit Indah but you wouldn't know how many extra passengers along the journey, until you reach another bus terminal called Gelang Patah Terminal. The bus may become a Sardine bus by then!

Second, check-in at Sultan Abu Bakar Custom and Singapore Custom is like the “end of the world”. Everyone is in rush when the door is open to alight. You can see them running to the immigration counter, after checked-in; they ran to the next point to board the bus. Singapore custom would be the worst as you really got to be fast, otherwise, the driver is not going to wait for you. Furthermore, the driver doesn’t recognize you at all! Same goes to check-out at Singapore Custom and Sultan Abu Bakar Custom.

When I first step on the land of Singapore and Jurong East, I don't know why I feel relief. The very first word that I had in my mind was “Finally”. Perhaps I have wanted to visit Singapore so much but I just do not have the chance and time. Walking to the MRT station, something caught our attention; Coca Cola is giving away Coke Zero for FREE!!! I think that's the best welcome gift I received, LoLx… VIP/Minister getting wreath, I'm getting COKE! (not cock, please!)

FREE Coke Zero at Jurong East Interchange

We did not go to much places due to lack of time, we only able to make it to certain happening areas such as Bugis, Outram Park, Boon Lay, Chinatown and Tiong Bharu. I can't imagine if I am staying in Singapore, as I know the accommodation here is expensive but expenses here, I think it's very affordable. I bet I will be a SHOPAHOLIC even there is no warehouse sales. My mum and my sis are the best example. So far I only bought 2 bottoms, one is Signature by Levi Strauss & Co ™ Jeans cost SGD 49.90 from my ex-employer Jay Gee House in Jurong Point and checkers Bermuda cost SGD 8.00 from Bugis Street, thanks to my elder sis for getting me both pants.

Chinatown alike Bugis Street

Crowded Kuan Yin Temple

Praying to the god, wishing for the best 

Mum, I, elder sis, cousin, eldest sis 

Outram Park

My Levi's and shorts

Suddenly think of a quote
When I shop, the world feels better
P/S: Willy, I hate you!

My sis and mum went back to Penang via Senai Airport, while I depart to KL via Changi Airport. Otherwise, I will experience “end of the world” again, especially traveling back to JB during the Super Peak off-duty hours.

On AK710 back to KL 

Singapore deserved compliments, most citizens are well educated to be CLEAN and DISCIPLINE.
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