Wonderful November : My 25th Birthday Celebration
It's been awhile I did not post anything up on my blog. As usual, I have more than 10 blogs saved in Blogger's draft. Mostly are incomplete due to certain reasons, minority are completed but don't feel like posting.

But one thing I wanna share with you most is my 25th Birthday celebration. This is the second time in my life that I am celebrating my birthday in Kuala Lumpur.

The moment still fresh in my mind, in 2008, I was celebrating my birthday with a bunch of best buddies in Faces Steakhouse in Penang. Then the next day, travelling to Cameron Highlands with my parents, my youngest sister and her son.

This year, it is also special and interesting to me as it will be my very first time, also their first, to celebrate my 25th Birthday. A sincere thanks to their courtesy and efforts in making my 2009's birthday complete and wonderful. Thanks to my lovely Zachrey and Clover.

Nevertheless, on the following day after the celebration in TGI's Fridays, we are heading to UNESCO World's Heritage Site - MELAKA (MALACCA)

I reached here on 11:11am on my birthday :)

Look familiar? Yeah~ Exactly same as the bus of the snacks - Double Deckers

Famous with their layer cake - Nadeje Cafe @ Dataran Pahlawan

First, the Monotone - Just a normal mousse cake, lack of chocolate!

Second, Rum Raisin - Is there rum in this layer cake? I can't taste it!

In the end, I put all my hopes on Tiramisu - It is the worst Tiramisu I ever tasted in my life! What makes this Tiramisu special is of the layers! To me, that's sucks. Tiramisu is when you put it in your mouth, it will melt and that's when you started to feel love. But I felt sick with this!

Among all chicken rice balls seller, Chung Wah is the only one has no branch. One and Only

Tasty yet smooth

The tasty rice balls that you will ask for more.

You want more foods? Check this out

Sweet Potato "Put Zai Kou" ( 木薯砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Red Bean "Put Zai Kou" ( 红豆砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Sweet Potato with Red Bean "Put Zai Kou" ( 红豆木薯砵仔糕 / Rice Pudding )

Sweet Potato Cake with Shredded Coconut (椰丝木薯糕)

The most famous, also one and only Satay Celup - Capitol
(Be there before 6pm, else you gonna stuck in a long queue)

One of the famous local food makers at the corner of Jonker Street

It was raining, yet we truly enjoyed the trip

Overall, the trip is simply wonderful as three of us spending our quality moments together in this so-called historical city. When I said so-called, it does reflects my dissatisfaction to Melaka, why? Thanks to the Melaka government for building so much unnecessary yet artificial structures within the historical sites. Eg. Revolving Tower, Mini Fort, and etc.
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  1. Gratitude Says:

    Blessed belated birthday! :)

    p/s sorry, didnt inform you of my new blog. Old one wuz biologicalclockticking.blogspot.com

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