Life's Like This... It's Over
It’s been awhile since the last posting. Recently I was really tired, not physically but mentally. Turn back to the month of September, I find that not only I was going through the troubles, it happened to other friends as well, thanks to their status updates on Facebook.

First, it was misunderstanding and argument with housemates, and certainly it hurts and leads to no turning back. There are certain words that are not supposed to tell anyone nor voice out on certain media spacing, but we’ve seen all that, heard it as well. In fact, the truth is as simple as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3, it’s about communication and mutual understanding, and obviously, miscommunication is always the prior.

It’s hard to heal the wounds, yet it is not impossible. Hearts and efforts can be seen if you willing to initiate the first contact.

Second, there was a serious argument between my mum and my aunt. It happened in… Genting Highlands

We all knew that my aunt is a very hot temper that will throw tantrum without filtering her words via those cells in her brain. We also knew that my mum had been calm and patient for several years, not to withhold nor tolerate aunt’s “royalty attitudes” but being health-conscious.

My aunt is letting out those sarcastic words to my mum, even asking my mum not to seat in her car to go back Penang. My mum called me around 11:30pm, I was really shocked and helpless though I wanted to help, but it seems like there are not much things that I can do. Calling my aunt would only lead to another argument.

I’ve no choice but to SMS my uncles and elder aunt, sort of like seeking their assistances to talk to my “tempered” aunt as I know I am still not the best person to educate her. When my uncle and elder aunt called, I was crying out loud and sadly. I cried is because throughout the conversation, it reminds me the quote from my mum, “no matter how, you need not to do so, because when you were young even now, she is still caring and loving you”.

Third, it was argument between me and my bb. It’s a long story and involves a lot of matters. I don’t know where to begin; I only know there are few words to best describe our situation, miscommunication, untrustworthy, misunderstanding… and maybe unreliability?

Regardless of the issues, we have been together for 6 months. Even after serious arguments, we both know how much we meant for each other and cherish every bitter or sweet moments together.

Fourth, my health… I was sick lately, don’t really know why and what is wrong. At first, I suspected dengue but I’m not quite sure, luckily get well in just few days, thanks to the Paracetemol from my housemate. But just few weeks later, I fell sick again, sigh….

Another issue will be my weight. Keep up and down like share market, right before I sleep or after I woke up, it can be happen in hours. I know I am suffering dropsy but never thought that it will be so serious. Do you have dropsy concerns? Tell me what I should do in order to stay healthy!!

Fifth, my career… obviously, is dropping “tremendously”. Sales is another issue but trustworthy is the prior concerns in an organization. I’ve lost confident to current partners due to their negligence, delays, excuses, stories and etc.

If you see my resume, it is always up and up and up, hardly you can see my Career Life Cycle drop. I know I almost reach the ceiling, I am trying hard to maintain it, but sad to tell, I’ve failed. Maybe it is of “what goes around comes around” theory.

I do not mind if I have to step down, I understand that it is for the sake of my future. Besides, even if I am out of the box now, I believe there are much more to discover and learned. I’ve temporary give up the current aims, moving towards a bigger family now. Am looking forward into aviation or hospitality industry, is that big enough?? Wish me luck!

Most of the fortune tellers in the world saying that “Rat” would have a great careers and good lucks in this year, I guess I am the minority that doesn’t great enough to deserve it.

More updates coming soon… Wanna know my 25th Birthday Celebration and Malacca trip? Stay tune!
2 Responses
  1. :: 子源 :: Says:

    dear, all will be fine. first u must take care your health.

    hugs =)

  2. BigHead Says:

    Cheer up dude...
    Life's have to go on..
    let it be..let it be..

    all the best...

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