Not Interested In Your Cheese

A Swiss Army Cheese can guarantee that your cheese will stay safe forever 

Now you are given a scene.

  • There is ONE CABINET
  • Inside the cabinet are 2 BAGS of cheese powder putting left (Pack A) and right (Pack B

Scenario is… 
User A of Pack A claimed that Pack A and Pack B cheese powder are at same level (maybe someone measured all the time or Pack B has been eyed).

4 days later, Pack A’s cheese powder suddenly vanished quite a lot, even can see the bottom of the plastic bag. Therefore, User A started claiming that Pack B’s cheese powder looks like becoming more compare to last seen.

There are few LOGICAL questions that really screwed my mind:-
  1. Pack B cheese powder seems like becoming more. Is it because of the comparison reflects the differences of both bags or you really thinks that thief is moving Pack A’s cheese powder into Pack B?
  2. Family of Pack A having a special guest staying over for “N” days. Could it because of the special guest, causing the usage of their cheese powder increased tremendously?
  3. Why would the thief steal so much of cheese powder in one shot. On top of that, not keeping it somewhere else or utilizing it but putting it into his/her own pack (Pack B). It would be easier to discover since both bags are putting together in the SAME place, SAME cabinet. 

If you are stealing it, will you keep it in your own bag where both bags are putting in the same place, same position? Since when there is a thief so stupid until will leave evidence there just to let the whole world know?

How would I know who moved your cheese or whatever… My patient has limitation and I don't like accusation as it is a serious offense. Besides, it's from a friend that I knew for years. I've given enough spaces and there are not much left, I do not wanna ditch anyone yet.

A dot (.) is not just a point, but a full stop (.) to indicate happy ending, though at times it's harsh.  
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