(Con't) Simply Disappointed

Okay, it's my bombastic time! People keep saying "Never piss off women", besides women, never piss off me as well! This is the first time I am being treated so rude and am seriously disturbed. I never had faced such bad service before.

Don't blame me for being demanding, don't say that I am mean, I am just helping them to improve and develop their business better. The fellow who was rude to me, if you get fired, make sure you go home and facing the surrounded walls and think properly what you have done!

Below is the original email that I have sent to :-

1. Laneige Malaysia (indirectly sent to Laneige Asia HQ in Singapore, in-charged by Laneige Korean CEO)
2. Amorepacific Customer Services in HQ, Korea
3. Amorepacific Investor Relation in HQ, Korea
4. Amorepacific CEO based in Korea HQ, Mr. Kyung-Bae Suh
5. Amorepacific CEO based in France, Mr. Innsoo John

P/S: Amorepacific is parent company of Laneige. One of the top skin care companies and Top 20 companies in Korea.

On Oct 07, 2009, at 07:38pm, I was calling Laneige Malaysia Customer Service No. to inquire about the product status. The call last for 5 minutes 34 seconds.

I called to your office after office hour, I was impressed that someone picked up the phone but she really had ruined my day. The products that I am inquiring are Laneige Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam cost MYR60 and Laneige Homme Sebum Free Scrub Foam cost MYR65.

The reason that I am calling to your office is due to :-

1. I am regular of Laneige Homme. Thus, I am getting abovementioned products for my friend as his birthday present which is on 12 Oct 2009.

2. I went to Isetan in Lot 10, but unfortunately no staff was on duty.

3. I then went to Parkson in The pavilion. I was told by the staff named Eva that stocks are not available at the moment due to the recent warehouse sales and mess in inventory, the shipping of new stocks were delayed. Replenishment most probably only can be done on 14 Oct 2009.

4. Eva was helpful, a compliment to her. She was assisting to call other counters located in Golden Triangle to check the stock availability, but unfortunately all were out of stocks.

5. As I am not able to travel to other places which is farer than Golden Triangle, I was asking Eva if the stock is available in other counters, is it alright to transfer the stock to her counter, so that I can pick up, but she said it is not possible.

Hence, I am calling to your office to inquire, hoping that they could assist me in this matter. I am sorry that I did not get her name as I do not have the chance. I only have the length of time that I made the call.

I was telling her my problems. I even apologize to her as I know I am calling after office hour, I did even leave my name and contact no. to her, telling her that it is alright if she don't get back to me now, as I know I am not supposed to call now, she could call me on the following day.

When I am telling her point 4 as above, her voice sounds frustrating. When I am telling point 5, that is transferring the stock, she was cutting my speech by yelling "Hello" loudly to me. And I thought that the line is breaking and asked if she could hear me, she replied loudly by saying "Yes, I could hear you". When I had finish my speech and she promised to get back to me, she was slamming the phone. I believe that we all know how do the hang up call sounds like when one was getting mad.

I am already very upset as I could not get the products that I want.

I already apologize for calling in after office hour, but still I am getting such customer services.

we are all consumer and we do know that customer are calling in to get a solution. If you could help, just say yes, if it's not possible, explain why. But why is she yelling and slamming the phone? I had never seen such a rude person.

I do not mind if she is cursing me but please only do it after the call was hung up properly. It is not professional to handle customer inquiries by showing your anger.

Laneige is one of the premium brands. I am hoping that such case will not repeat. But frankly, I am seriously disturbed by such unreasonable yet rude treatment and am hoping that you could take appropriate action against the unprofessional personnel who handled my call.

As per normal, I was sharing my experience with my friends and bloggers after using Laneige products. Nevertheless, I will be sharing this experience with them as well.

Thank you.

After making the complaint, the next day, I went to Pavilion to get other product from Laneige. You may say that I should not purchase anything from Laneige but one thing I wanted to clarify, that is I am mad because of the rude staff, not the product, although she is representing the company.

On October 09, 2009, I received a feedback from Brand Manager of Laneige Malaysia named Celine Diong (Not Celine Dion). Her sincere apologies had shown that Customer Services indeed is important to them, it is an intangible revenue to any organisation.

A compliment to Celine for her sincere apology and prompt reply. Hoping that you would really taking appropriate action against your rude staff. Thank you.
2 Responses
  1. BigHead Says:

    for those bad service~
    i will boycott terus~~
    but seen Celine apologize with you~

    just let it go~~

  2. small-ugly Says:

    how much is it?

    this product nice?


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