Staycation VS Quarantine

How many of you know the definition of staycation?

You must have heard of vacation. Both in fact have similarity. Vacation meaning a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation, while staycation is a vacation spent at your home, or in your hometown. If done right, a staycation can be just as relaxing as a traditional vacation. And in some ways, it can be even more stress-relieving because it typically involves less planning and expense.

However, certain measures need to be taken to maximize the benefits of a staycation such as turning off your phone and computer (at least most of the time). Otherwise, your staycation is little more than a stressful extension of your regular life, offering no change of scenery, escape or other features that make vacations so refreshing.

I was having staycation too after I came back from Krabi. I was very sick, having bad sore throat, cough, fever, bodyache, flu and nose was bleeding for about 2 weeks. All are the signs of Influenza A (well known as H1N1 or swine flu) and I have got it all. I was afraid at first but logically I know I am not carrying the virus. We went to Krabi in a group of 10 and why I was the only one who fell sick? Although there are increasing in number of H1N1 cases in Malaysia especially local transmissions are higher than imported, but there are no reports saying that there is imported H1N1 via AirAsia AK805, because the flight was 95% seated.

Thus, for the sake of safety and being a responsible Malaysian (hahaha!!!), I had excuse myself to stay at home for approximately 10 days. However, I do not consider these 10 days of resting as quarantine or house arrest; I’m learning a new word – Staycation.

So don’t feel down for being quarantined, because you are having staycation. I’m loving it.

Definition from Wikipedia
A staycation (or stay-cation, or stacation,or staykation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions. Staycations have achieved high popularity in the financial crisis of 2007–2009 in which unemployment levels and gas prices are high. The term was added to the 2009 version of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Common activities of a staycation include use of the backyard pool, visits to local parks and museums, and attendance at local festivals. Some staycationers also like to follow a set of rules, such as setting a start and end date, planning ahead, and avoiding routine, with the goal of creating the feel of a traditional vacation.

P/S: Coming up next... The Adventures of Krabi - Final
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    cheah~ but u infected me pula...

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