The Spring

将近一年了,等到大家的颈都长了。自称是大马其中一家最具规模的建筑发展商- 怡保置地 IJM LAND 终于成功取得我新家的入伙证。


P/S: 我最不满的是我的房间。虽然是望海,可是小到超级可怜。。。

Everyone has been long awaited for the Cetificate of Occupation from the local renowned developer - IJM LAND.

Certainly I would get the keys as soonest possible, and start planning for the renovataion. ID would never be my expertise but I take part and make it to be one of of my responsibilities. This would be the second time being an Interior Designer.

P/S : Although my room is sea view but it would also be the layout I dissatisfied most. It's too "TINY"!

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  1. =啃泥谷= Says:


  2. eS 0223 Says:

    wah... u buy new house ar?
    when renovation done..ask me go to take alook ya..hehe

  3. Go Smerv Says:


    〉eS 0223
    You wanna do ID for me?

  4. eS 0223 Says:

    u wan let me proposed 3D for u ?hahaha

  5. 逆援助 Says:


  6. 倶楽部 Says:


  7. サイト作成は初めてでぇす。プロフは友達も作ってたので私も頑張って作成しました。プロフもってる人はメル友になって見せ合いっこしませんか?メアドのせてるので連絡ください。

  8. 素人 Says:


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