World Class Facilities; Third Class Maintenances

Recently, our newly appointed Prime Minister announced a new concept on how to “manage” Malaysia better, it is called 1Malaysia.

No doubt 1Malaysia concept has inspired and motivated most Malaysian that Malaysia is truly a country that treat every citizen equally and make Malaysia more competitive, such as the recent amendment in the compulsory 30% of shareholding of Bumiputera in Public Listed Companies. Our lovely PM might want to create a new impact by rebranding the perception of Malaysian towards his leadership.

Yes, Malaysia is always Number 1, but mostly is on the chart of software piracy, corruption, misused of human rights and etc. I wonder did our PM consider of upgrading the infrastructures and public transportation, don’t talk about Malaysia, only focus on Klang Valley.

KL Monorail

The incident did not happen to me but to me, however, I think it is way too ridiculous and unacceptable. On July 10, one cabin of KL Monorail was down at Raja Chulan station around 5pm. It was the peak hour as everyone starts to get off from work. The cabin was stopped and not able to move, causing management to announce a delay of service of 1 hour!

When the second cabin is reaching, the second cabin “accidentally” knocked the down-cabin, almost every passenger in the cabin was screamed out loud. I'm not surprised if everyone is screaming.

First, the knock is considered as a crash, what if the second cabin did not slowdown according to the distance? Will the whole Raja Chulan station explode?

Second, KL Monorail railway is “single”, Star/Putra LRT is "double". Apparently, comparison has shown that enhance security and safeness of KL Monorail is indeed important. If both cabins were crashed, will either one or both cabins fall or explode?

The incident that every Malaysian would remember would be one of the rolls/wheels of KL Monorail cabin fell down during the testing and demonstration period, it was dropped and hit on the head of BERNAMA journalist. This is part of the accidents.

BERNAMA : Monorail Operator Liable For Causing Injury To Journalist

THE STAR : High Court finds monorail operator liable for accident

Star LRT / Putra LRT

Both are managed by RapidKL now due to the inefficiency of previous management. No doubt, both LRT are the noisiest LRT ever, I believed any residents living near to LRT railway would have headache and noise pollution.

In Japan, in order to minimize the noise pollution released by vehicles and public transportation to the lowest, noise-proof wall is built in not only residential areas but business district too.

On 11 July, an Ampang line train is having serious technical errors. The train has taken the rail of Sri Petaling and it did not stop at each station. It has gone all the way to Sri Petaling station. Then the management advised all passengers to take a new train to Chan Sow Lin station for interchange to Ampang. While waiting, the first train is not in service, second train did not stop as well.

On 10 July, the train was also stopped and delayed due to a lady commit suicide nearby the pedestrian bridge at Pudu station around peak hour 8.30am.

THE STAR : Train overshoots LRT terminal and is left dangling

If there is a website created for commenting on the railway systems and infrastructures of Malaysia, I believe the website would receive overwhelming responses until collapse.

Mr. PM, if you are caring your citizen, please ensure that Malaysia Public Transportation and Infrastructures are well maintained and constantly upgrade. Safety of passengers is the utmost important.

Delay is the red-tape and phenomena (culture) in Malaysia, among all railway systems operator, KTM Commuter is the winner! Such cases will only affect the concept of 1Malaysia especially efficiency of government related but privatized company.

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