Bad Day in Sakae Sushi KLCC

Today supposed to be a great day for us but was totally turned down in KLCC.

It wasn't a luck day for me. I had requested my housemate - Sui Yong's assistance in planning a surprise show up to my bb and my best buddy cum housemate Zi Yuan in KLCC, in conjunction to celebrate Zi Yuan's birthday. The plan was surprising them in any places in KLCC, which I successful did that in Isetan by following behind them. Then we were planning to have lunch in California Pizza Kitchen, but too bad that the restaurant is closed for private function. We have tried to go for other restaurants but it seems full house every else where. And we finally decided to go Sakae Sushi.

As usual and same as other restaurant, we are queuing-up outside of the restaurant, without being recorded in the waiting list. After 20 minutes, we are still queuing-up, that's when we started to feel unsatisfied over some unexpected issue. There were 2 stupid fat guys wearing bright red and bright yellow, which makes them looks like a dumb mobility but incomplete traffic light, cutting queue!

They do not feel shame over their actions but the worst is I saw them walking towards a table which is full of plates and unclear. The girl behind us got mad and walk towards to the manager acting as a cashier at the counter to make complaints but it seems unattended. I got even mad to come across such situation especially after a long wait, I walked towards the counter, while waiting the manager to collect payment from customers, I looked at his name tag "Wei Seong". Once he had done his collection, I was questioning him...

"Hi Mr Wei Seong, may I know why are you allowing that two guys seating over there while everyone here is queuing-up for so long?"
"Because we do not aware, they just walked-in and took the seat without out knowledge."
"Then you allow them to seat there and do nothing?"
"Because we have insufficient of manpower."
"Then what is the point you put the sign there [Please wait to be seated]? It is useless! This is a lame excuse and I can't accept that."

I got mad is due to following reasons:-

  1. I am celebrating my friend's birthday.
  2. Sakae Sushi, a Japanese restaurant with Japanese-oriented foods and name, owned by demanding Singaporean, should have been service-oriented as well.
  3. The restaurant is based in KLCC, a luxury and prime mall in Malaysia. Quality of services and foods are extremely disappointed.
  4. Manager's explanation cannot be accepted.
  5. Customers' complaint over two rude idiots that cutting queues was not being attended.
  6. Manager doing nothing over the two rude idiots that cutting queues.
  7. Manager did not take down our name and putting in waiting list, instead to let customers to queue outside the restaurant.
  8. Restaurant have ample of vacant seats but we are still queuing outside the restaurant.
  9. Many tables are not clearing up after the customers have left for some time.
  10. Salmon is not fresh and shrink due to long exposed of open air.
  11. Last 4 pages of menu, everything "N/A" (Not available).

After we finished our lunch there, the next thing that I'm going to do is writing complaint letter to several divisions. It would be the Headquater of Sakae, KLCC Management, public and leading forums and Public Complaint Bureau of Prime Minister Department.

This ain't the first time I am complaining Sakae Sushi and I'm wondering how their managers are being trained. So far I have complaints 3 Managers of Sakae, 1 in Queensbay, 1 in Gurney and 1 in KLCC.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    I'm kinda banned Sakae sushi di... Even Sushi King also kena banned by me... haha!!! Sushi Zanmai would be the best place for affortable japanese food (so far)...
    Last Saturday I also have a bad experience at Nando's Sungai Wang... There are no ppl service me and my friends and many of the tables is full of plates... Then we just walk off after waiting for 5 minutes...

  2. Chris Says:

    Wa.. service so bad ar...

  3. Merv Says:

    I agreed. Sakae was the worst japanese restaurant i ever been. The services, the food.... nothing satisfying.

  4. basically, what you wrote on the feedback form will be pointless because the manager will filtered and decide which to be sent to HQ...
    the best way to complain this issue is to write in directly to the HQ personally...
    this is a total shit of system that i dont agree because after writing and give them back, no calls were made by them!! Besides, not only sakae giving bad service, but many other food restaurant. This is really pissing me off too, and i know how you feel. Remember, next time complain through write in black and white to the HQ so that it'll be read by their director.
    if lazy, call in directly is the best! HAHA....i'm so bad~

  5. Go Smerv Says:

    To all,

    Sakae called me after 2 days I submitted the online enquiry form. According to them, they read my blog and fully understand what is going on.

    They had reimbursed RM50 cash voucher for me to dine-in at KLCC again and I have fully utilised it.

    It's proven that they are concern about their customer services and not everything are useless. I believe it will be up to your manners on how you make the complaints.

    To certain people, they complain without full information or complain for nothing. If you are in the position of getting ridiculous complain, will you entertain them?

  6. Oh..this surprised me!!
    I think Sakae do really care then~
    I'm very sure that KFC wont care because no matter how tactful to write, they dont care just because the manager filter everything..
    As for that I seldom visit to those outlet that gives bad service..
    I time I should consult you about matter regarding to this...LOL!!

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