Malaysia really boleh lor! Don’t you agree?

After lots of achievement of proving Malaysia is really boleh, today, again the latest Malaysia Boleh was achieved by MACC assistant enforcement officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, he is being called as 19th witness of Teoh Beng Hock Inquest. He shall be awarded 1Malaysia Spirit Award!

My day was ruined by one call from representative of TM, who called to recover the due payment from me, which I had paid them 2 years ago at their old TM Point branch in Maluri, before shifting to Menara Maxisegar in Ampang.

In fact I’ve got another similar case happened to me, where I paid for my California Fitness Yearly Renewal Fees for 2 years in Oct 2007, but the staff told me that there is NO records found. When I called up, another staff claimed that she is handling my case, she even confirmed that the payment did not update into system is because lost of documentations. However, they have traced back the details and will do the adjustment shortly.

Okay, back to our Malaysia Boleh achievement. I read the news of Sin Chew Daily today after the distracting call. Though it is not the headlines but it is still obvious on the cover page of the papers, saying that…

“MACC Enforcement Officer, learning questioning skills from TV Programme”

Wahhhh, sounds very proud huh?! Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus previously was worked as a worker in a factory, probably an operator of production line. When he was appointed as an MACC enforcement office, he admitted that he has never been trained on questioning skills. He learned the skills neither from books or other senior or related professional officers such as customs nor PDRM, but MULTI AWARD WINNING TV DRAMA : CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) !

MACC, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commissions, a standalone yet independent commissions that fight against scandals and may assist to bring back the reputation of country, also to win the heart of investors is making such a huge huge mistake.

This is a professional body and I believe certain qualification is a must in hiring and selection of candidates, but now hiring “a worker in a factory” (according to local newspaper, if he was a professional in previous career, he should be damn proud to announce his profession) to be their enforcement officer, I would say, it’s a SHAME! If he can be an enforcement officer, I do not find any reason or excuses for anyone to be their officer too.

What is MACC doing??? It is such a BIG disappointment to the Public. I wanna know, Malaysian wanna know:-

1. Why appointing a worker of factory to be MACC enforcement officer?
2. Why no training was being provided?
3. If there is no training, is that meaning to say no trainer? If there is no trainer, in other words, there is no one who is qualified or being trained to be an MACC officer?
4. Is there a performance appraisal for MACC officers? If there is one, Royal Commissions should have known what they have done all this while.
5. Why MACC allows force, torture, violence, and psychological breakdown during questioning session?
6. Will officers misused their power?

To me, it is a must to have a Royal Malaysian Human Resources Commissions to have strictest screening and rules in hiring and selecting the right candidates to handle the right task.

Malaysia has gone through many hardship and shameful matters, also being a BIG joke to the planet (there are numerous of satellites surrounding the earth, if there are transformers and UFO, they must be laugh out loud)!

More news updates, please visit attached links by The Star
1. MACC officer denies using force during questioning
2. ‘Torture’ used at MACC office

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