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Walao eh! Damn Maxis, SMSed me a extremely bad news early in the morning!

“Penggunaan sebanyak RM809.89 telah melebihi had kredit anda. Sila bayar dlm masa sehari supaya tiada gangguan perkhidmatan. Hubungi 123 utk penerangan.”

I was totally stunned and awake from sleep by this very simple SMS, because the amount is too awful. I have contacted them, the customer service representative passing my call to Collection Department, and scarier news is coming up next...

"Sir, your total charges right now would be RM1158.00."
"Huh, what? I received the SMS and it was saying RM800 something, how could it be RM1158?"

"Because you are roaming right now, the system might sent you the previous figures, but as what I can see on my system, it's RM1158 or maybe more."
"How come so expensive? I have been using roaming for years but this time is the most expensive."
"Sir, because we have new rates for 2009. You can check the latest charges on our website."
"Just assist me to arrange for the payment."
"How much you would like to pay?"
"What do you think, how much do you think I need to pay?"
"RM700, although you are coming back on next week but you need to control your usage."

就这样RM700飞回大马了... 去年到香港用的国际漫游服务都没那么贵,现在好像一开机就算钱叻,恐怖到!看来还是买当地的电话卡较划算。还以为衰运走了,谁知我的鼻子有够可爱,下午突然庆祝新年喔...又见红啦,还带点晕眩叻,搞到我不能出街。一整天待在家写部落,“显”(闷)到!
Afterwards, my RM700 has gone back to Malaysia... I remembered when I was roaming in Hong Kong, the charges is not so high, but right now it seems like once my phone is on, the numbers of amount start running, it's better to have bought a prepaid SIM card. And I thought my bad luck has gone too, who knows my nose is trying to act cute, still celebrating Chinese New Year in the afternoon... Nose bleeding, and feeling dizzy, forcing me to stay at home instead. I spent my day blogging at home, I know it's boring!

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  1. :: 子源 :: Says:


  2. Jamie Wong Says:

    oh my god! Such a huge amount of money.
    I suggest you better go for the international card,definitely far more cheaper than roaming.
    Last time i use digi, 1 message cost me RM2.. Terrible!

  3. 十六 Says:


  4. ian-ization Says:

    Wah.. roam till so expensive... better check the rate b4 going out overseas again...

  5. Vin vin Says:


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