SaiGoN VI | 最后的体验 Last Enjoyment

Time flies, today would be my last visit in Saigon.

今天什么地方都不想去 ,反而留在家看书,看到一半却睡着了。醒来时,和友人到 Diamond Plaza 逛逛买手信给B。我发现这儿的生活水平不高,可是样样东西都很贵,比起大马的,有些贵多了;连B的也不便宜哦!不过是B的,再贵也无所谓,最主要的是我是否负担得起。
In fact, I don't feel like going anywhere, but reading at home instead. Without any notice, I fell sleep, it has been my bad habit. While awake, friends were invited to Diamond Plaza for walk as previously I have informed them that I need to get a souvenir for my BB. I find that the living expenses over here is not so high, but I could see from the prices even for normal groceries, the selling prices obviously is much higher than Malaysia; even the one that I bought for my BB is rated "expensive" by local Vietnamese. But I'm just wondering if I can afford it, why not?

稍候我们到了位于 Nha Vinh Supermarket 附近一间蛮著名的牛肉面家。一踏入店内,就可闻到一股很重的牛肉味。我叫了“半生丸”,再自行加入一些蔬菜如香菜、豆芽等。
After the shopping spree, we went to a Beef Noodle House nearby Nha Vinh Supermarket. Once I stepped into the shop, the scenes of beef covered the oxygen in the air. I ordered a bowl of Beef Balls Noodles, with some veges as extra ingredients and local coriander and sauces as seasoning.

Nha Vinh Supermarket 外有一间小咖啡屋叫 Ara Coffee,最吸引我的不是它的咖啡,而是以砖块砌成的桌子,很可爱吧?!
Nearby the entrance of Nha Vinh Supermarket, there is a little cafe named Ara Coffee. What attract my attention most would be the handmade tiles table, which combines all small pieces of colorful tiles to a big picture. Cute, isn't it?

My dinner would be the local favorites. There are few parts of pork, with option of mixture of cucumber, parsley and chili, specially-made sauce as seasoning, and crunchy soft bread to eat together. I say, it's good!

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