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Oh gosh, I couldn't resist DELL any longer.

Previously, DELL has been given me an impression of it's boring design and bulky size of laptop, and perceived it as "born-for-business", not suitable for those like student and home use.

When I was worked in DELL as Credit Analyst till I being promoted to Senior position, I find that DELL is making a change. The models of laptop in 2004 is way much better than 2002/3. Until February 2005, I got my very first business-use laptop, DELL Latitude D505.

Currently, I'm still using it, to surf net, edit pictures and even blogging. The most significant changes of my laptop would be changing of LCD twice, which is covered under 3-year warranty but can't deny that DELL is really stupid for still replacing LG-Phillips matte LCD. In 2008, I changed the LCD by myself, ordered from eBay, shipped from Taiwan, it's Sharp High Gloss Aquos LCD.

Another change would be the OS. I don't know what is wrong with my Windows XP Professional SP3, though I have fomatted the HDD for "N" times but it still could not write the OS files into the HDD. Thus, I'm installing Windows Vista Home Basic. It works and obviously, run even FASTER!

But my intention of wring this blog is introducing DELL latest innovation. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm presenting DELL Studio XPS and Adamo by DELL.

DELL XPS is built mainly for multi-task and gaming purpose. With it's outstanding and astonishing looks, it has been recognised and awarded as Best Notebook of the year. Now DELL has got a new version named DELL Studio XPS, it's a combination of DELL Studio and DELL XPS laptop, the outlook is much improved with not only chrome and high gloss surface, but GENUINE LEATHER! Inside features backlit keyboard, TV Tuner with Remote Control, touch pad, slot-load CD Drive and FULL HD 1080P.

Adamo by DELL is a high-end notebook and well known as "World's Slimmest Notebook". So now you know MacBook Air has got a rival. Adamo by DELL Mini 10 is not only slim and light weight, it looks much elegant and classy compared to all notebook in the world. If Vertu is the most luxurious mobile in the world, Adamo is the world's most luxurious notebook. Check out the pics posted above.

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