Dedication of Life

Life is short 
Yet we learned and experienced
Bitter or sweet
It's the journey of life

I can't deny my existence in this world
I can't deny that I have found you 
If I don't know your existence
My life wouldn't be so exciting 

You colored my world
You taught me being loved
I miss you
I want you
But I can't have you

We might not destined to be together
We are destined to know each other
I never mind if you do not love me
I only mind if you are avoiding me

Just let it be
So yesterday
Eye today
Foresee tomorrow

Do you feel the same?

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3 Responses
  1. Chris Says:

    oh? u miss somebody else oredi?

  2. yupe...
    totally agree with your words.
    "Just let it be
    So yesterday
    Eye today
    Foresee tomorrow"

  3. Vin vin Says:

    you fall in love with sumone ?

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