An Opportunity to CHEAT

S found M via online networking. S, it's an unknown fellow that admire and found M's MSN from somewhere. While M is a attached or in a relationship.

S : "Are you single or attached?"

M : "I'm single!"

Do you see the big threat for both of them?

If you are single, you are right to tell everyone that you are single. But if it's otherwise, you should tell the fact.

By telling people that you are single when in reality you are attached, you are just being an evil that creating an endless opportunity to your admirer to go after you.

Vice versa, you are creating an opportunity for yourself to cheat and being disloyal in relationship.

The minute you tell others you are SINGLE, ask yourself indeed if you really love your current lover or instead you are craving for more? 

More endless desires, more endless admirers, more endless satisfaction, more endless sex...

You don't call ONS as make love, we call it sex
You don't call love as relationship, we call it sex partner

If you are not ready to commit in this relationship, you may leave...
If you are not guilty, you may leave...

Tell the facts, be good to you and others!

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  1. Vin vin Says:

    agree !
    don cheating ur lover o others~

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