It's Not Over 不是世界末日

Majority people would say
"Life is so complicating and being human is suffering"

But to me,
"Human make things complicating and suffering to themselves!"

Anything could be possible
Anything can be solved without getting hectic
But how many of us do really understand that?
How many of us would look for the truth within?
How many of us would think life is not miserable?

I have tones of problem and thought
Sometimes I can't help to get rid of it
Especially when comes to relationship
Yet I'm trying to be tough to face every hardship

Positive thinking is required
To move on without getting worried
Take a deep breath now
The sun is still shine tomorrow

There are lots more people is living in more miserable life
I believes we are not the worst

P/S: No lame excuse, carry on your responsibility as a citizen of the Earth now. Support "Go Green" program and "World Vision Malaysia" by adopting and sponsoring a child for only RM50 per month. RM50 meant a lot to them.

4 Responses
  1. Feeling Says:

    You're rite! Human make things complicating and suffering to themselves! I like your statement =)

  2. Kway Says:



  3. Go Smerv Says:

    Life could be simple and easy.

    Due to ego of human, they are the caused of everything!

  4. Go Smerv Says:



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