If you would like to add me to your MSN, please bear in mind on following issues:-

* I hate people nudge me in MSN most!
~ It's rude and may I know who do you think you are? I only allow my close friend to nudge me!

* I hate people asking me "why do you reply me so late, you don't wanna talk to me?", "am I "Fan" u?"
~ I'm not here to chat with only you, please!

* I hate people added me without telling me where they have got my MSN
~ If you know where to get my MSN, you would know where did you get my MSN, GET IT?!

* I hate people added me without telling me their identity
~ I would rather talking to myself, at least I know who I am

* I hate people acting like he/she is my damn best friends or know me f*cking well!
~ Hello, I just got to know you!

* I hate people calling me his/her bro when I NEVER admitted he/she is
~ Did I admit that you are my bro/sis? C'mon dude, GET to KNOW me MORE before you called!

* I hate people burdening my pressure by "telling" me how suffer he/she is
~ You can tell me that you are SIEN but not telling me "...." and "....", what the f*ck is that?! Dotting or telling? Or speechless-ing?

Recently there are few bloggers added me to their MSN without requesting for prior approval, that's still fine as I already knew them from blogs. But there are few has pissed me off, and I'm f*cking mad about their attitudes and behaviours!

Please go close to the mirror to have a look and ask yourself what the F*CK you want!

Otherwise, go to the nearest pond, it is wide and big enough for you!

You do not required my attention when you don't even know who is your attraction, what's your intention, and how is your valuation!

It takes time to get to know each others
Be patient please!

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12 Responses

  1. Kway Says:


    我不喜欢在我friend list里头很久但我不认识他·


  2. SIMMY Says:

    haha...seem like those ppl really make you very mad...

    dont happy...

  3. thomas Says:

    dun be so angry la, wait bcum older,be happy....
    happy chinese new year...

  4. Feeling Says:

    that's nothing can do with impolite person. so jus ignore them! kakaka!

    and, you can choose not to expose your msn address..I think that is wise choice keke...

    calm down =)

  5. .:: Ant ::. Says:

    Ouch, so garang!

    I could understand and emphatize on some points raised tho'.


  6. Go Smerv Says:

    李文健 이분건


    Because I have stand enough. I already implied and gave them hints to show my dissatisfaction to them, but they keep on repeating it!

    I old lor, and nobody want until now, sigh!!!

    I din know until u reminded me. Thanks!! I just edit my profile haha, no more MSN on my profile.

  7. Jamie Wong Says:

    Anyways, the best action to take is block and said bye bye to them. haha, this was what i did when i found those annoying ppl adding me but they didn't even know me.

  8. JD Cole Says:


    it's better not to put ur msn id on the profile....there's a lot of delusional ppl here in the cyberspace...

    very very annoying rite?

  9. stiva Says:


  10. wayne Says:



  11. Go Smerv Says:

    Jamie / stiva
    Some I know de mar, then not so nice straight away block ppl, unless he/she is rally thick skin n damn stubborn lor....

    Some are thick skin till dare to comment here also... So I decided to BLOCK!

    JD Cole
    I have disabled it... haha Want my MSN, ask from me!!!


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