The Most Expensive Porridge 最贵的粥
Have you ever eaten a bowl of fish porridge cost RM9.00?

Sounds crazy and unbelievable right?

I think I was being fooled. I’m still having chickenpox; definitely I’m not allowed to take fish that carrying the potential nutrients that might harm my scars. So I requested the hawker to cook the porridge with White Pomfret (Ikan Bawal Putih).

When the porridge came, the porridge is as exactly as my expectations, putting the rice into boiling water only. What really surprised me would be the price.

WTF, White Pomfret porridge cost RM9.00. Maybe this is the price for placing a special order, sigh!

你有吃过一碗九令吉的鱼粥吗? 听起来不可思议吧!



一碗白鲳鱼粥要价九令吉?可能是因为我特别要求吧... 唉!

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    乘我病 骗我钱

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