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3.0 out of 5.0

Whenever you see this name, Eddie Murphy, make sure you are getting to laugh from the beginning of the movie.

This time, Eddie Murphy is in Eddie Murphy. The movie was saying Eddie Murphy is alien from other planet, sending an energized ball to get the water to save their planet. However, when they sending out the energized ball, it accidentally hit a satellite and it did not drop into ocean but a kid’s aquarium in his house.

To find the energized ball, Eddie Murphy is sitting in his “UFO” named Eddie Murphy to come to the earth. This is to make sure that everyone sees UFO Eddie Murphy like meeting a normal human and will not doubt is UFO Eddie Murphy is a UFO.

And clearly that the movie is telling no matter how clean or pure you are, human is still adapting to the environment instead of environment adapting to us. Human’s perception is easily influenced by surrounding.

If you are stress, try this movie. It helps!

The Mummy 3 : Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

3.0 out of 5.0

I was very anxious and nervous waiting for this movie but after the show, here is my comment.

It is a waste to have Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh in the movie. Both are well-known with their real Kung Fu but in the movie, their fighting last not more than 3 minutes. Fighting between Brendan Fraser and Jet Li lasts even longer.

Another ridiculous part of the movie is when Jet Li raising up all his army, he shouted “wake up”; while Michelle Yeoh is contributing her and her daughter Isabella’s immortality to rise up The General and army of Ming Dynasty, it is very illogical for Michelle Yeoh to cast the spell in ENGLISH!

Mandarin speaking in the movie is clearly not acceptable. Why? I heard Jet Li is “mumbling”, Michelle Yeoh is just like a white can’t pronounce the word correctly. I would rather Michelle Yeoh is speaking Cantonese in this movie. Don’t forget Cantonese is widely use in Province of Canton in China Mainland, not only Hong Kong do speak Cantonese.

The Dark Knight

5.0 out of 5.0

Why so serious??? This is the BEST movie that I’ve ever seen in my life!

At first I don’t feel like watching Batman. For me, I’m just not really interested in watching comic movie. However, I did not receive any negative comments about the movie, but all positive and compliments. Coincidently, Fabian wanted to watch it as well, so I decided to join him.

The leading role obviously is the Joker, starred by Heath Ledger. I was again stunned over his acting. But what impressed me most would be the climax of this movie, director, music and also the story line, especially in the scene where citizens in two different ships are to decide to live or to leave.

The movie strongly exposed the nature and realistic of human being. It shows us that how selfish could human be when comes to decision making either you live or others die. One sentence could drive everyone in town go crazy. Sometimes rationale is not powerful enough to fight against evil. Lost of love lead everyone to nowhere, but lost of dignity and rationality.

A lot of lessons you may learn from the movie. I’m truly impressed by the writer, director and actors of this movie. Personally, I like seeing Heath Ledger and Morgan Freeman (my favorite actor)!

Journey to the Center of the Earth

3.0 out of 5.0

A movie produced & starred by Brendan Fraser.

Looking at the title, I thought this movie would be a seriously adventured movie, with not much of laugh and actions all the way. But again, I was wrong. This is another hilarious funny adventure movie, not looking for wealth, but father and experience.

I don’t know how to express my feelings and opinion; this is totally “for kids” movie. I just would like to say if the distributor is Disney, then I might be able to accept.

The Missing 深海寻人

2.0 out of 5.0

An extremely disappointing movie.

Have you ever been taught in primary school not to write an essay telling that it was a dream instead of reality?

I wanted to watch this movie so much is because I’m a big fan of Angelica Lee Sin Jie. I love seeing her acting in horror movie. Proven in The Eye, Recycle and Koma, her big eyes speak a lot and depth in delivering the message.

However, this movie by Tsui Hak is certainly a very big turn off. Angelica acting is not as extroverted as previously. The worst part of this movie is eventually, it is just an illustration of Angelica Lee as she is accepting intensive therapy to not memorize the past.

Tsui Hak is still producing his own style of movie, namely Seven Swords. The Missing is not horror movie, or yet a romance movie; I would say it’s a “mixed development” movie with no directions and no story line.

I would rate this movie as the worst story line that I’ve ever seen.

Kung Fu Panda 功夫熊猫

4.5 out of 5.0

An animation with BIG CAST! Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan and etc.

Also, Malaysian, be proud! Although this is a Hollywood/Dreamwork made animation but do you aware that the characters are drawn and created by Malaysian?

Gosh, I just love watching this cartoon. Never thought that Hollywood would have such a cute Kung Fu animation.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

4.0 out of 5.0

I did not watch the first episode of Narnia. However, I really enjoyed watching the second episode.

It's like a mixture of Harry Porter and Lord of the Rings, with not much magic but real fighting.

Acting of the teenagers and kids are better than I expected.

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2 Responses
  1. 傲慢天蝎 Says:

    Your comment on the movies are very informative.

    If to rate, I will rate Batman:Dark Knight as the best movie too, the story line is indeed reflecting the true yet selfish attitude of human being in this world. And, how the unfairness that created by sterotypes and discrimination of human being lead to the false attribution of personality.

    Also, The Mummy 3 as well, I have the same point of view as you, its realy ridiculuos as Jet Li spoke (perhaps should be mumbling) in Chinese while Michelle Yeoh spoke in English, really unmatch. And their strenghts not really used in the movie.

  2. Go Smerv Says:

    No la, it just a brief comment, nothing much.

    But I really love The Dark Knight because the Joker's intention is unpredictable. You don't know what will he do next. And every movement that he made will drive everyone in town crazy and exposed the ugliest of human being...

    I'm gonna buy the original DVD as the collection

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