第 3 & 4 篇 : 走访印尼世界自然遗产 Discovering Ancient World of Indonesia III & IV

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第3篇 : 走访印尼世界自然遗产  Discovering Ancient World of Indonesia III
January 31, 2010 – Malang / Mt. Bromo

We reached Surabaya Gubeng Train Station around 10:30pm, which is later than we expected. We were worrying if we are able to reach Helios Tour office to join the Bromo Midnight Tour in Malang by 1:00am. Without much consideration, we had come up with an emergent planning, we will take cab rather than bus to Purabaya Terminal (aka Bungur Asih).

The ethics of the taxi driver is also similar as in Malaysia, rather dealing an amount than using the meters. I was bargaining with the pricing and eventually I agreed to pay him IDR42,000. Fortunately my calculation was right. When we reached there, the meter was showing IDR42,500, if adding the parking fee of IDR2,000, by right I should be paying him IDR44,500. The taxi driver must be amazed and impressed, he even stopped his car along the road and help us to catch the bus to Malang. Eventually he managed to lead us to the last bus from Surabaya to Malang around 11:40pm.

The journey doesn’t take too long, approximately 1:30 hours for the midnight drive. The only thing I could not accept is the bus is a 5-seater per row. The seats are so small and definitely not meant for obese.  It was so packed till you have to walk horizontally, just like a walking crab.

Once we get off the bus, we took cab to Helios Tours office. Surprisingly, only both of us will be joining the trip to Bromo. After simple cleansing up, the English-speaking tour guide Budi and driver Harry is about to bring us to the peak of Mt Penanjakan and Mt. Bromo.

I have checked several tour recommendations online on the routes to Bromo. However, our time is very limited and I certainly do not want to miss out such opportunity to visit Bromo. That is why we are sacrificing our sleeping hours. To those who need to sleep or bring a sleeping beauty, such midnight trip is not recommended.

Other than the spectacular view and cradles of volcano, Mt. Bromo is still an active volcano. Once you climbed up the stairs to the peak, you can clearly see the sulfur smoke came out from the cradle, also you can clearly hear the sounds of "activities".

Photos speak more than words. Take a look at the breathetaking photos taken by us.
In the afternoon, other than the introduction of not very popular attractions, Budi and Harry brought us to the last destination - Singoraja Temple nearby Malang Town. We thought that Is the end of our journey in Malang, but Budi and Harry did something beyond our expectations. They brought us to the city centre of Malang, where it is a combination of CBD, recreations and administration.

Before we are leaving Malang, we asked Harry to drop us at Gajahmada Graha Hotel. The hotel look exactly like a castle more than a hotel. Although we don't have the chance to spend a night, we decided to have our lunch in the restaurant named "Cleopetra" in this beautiful castle. Every thing looks great, only the food turns out to be otherwise, it is not that awful but comparing to my cooking skills, I dare to say I am MUCH better than their cook.

After having our disappointing lunch in a “castle”, we took mini bus (in fact it is a very mini van) that cost us IDR3000 per person to Malang’s Arjosari Terminal. Before entering the bus ticketing counter, you have to pay a nominal fee of IDR800/1000, then you can proceed to any ticketing counters to purchase your ticket. We have decided to take on-the-spot and ready-to-go executive class bus. Don’t be too happy when you heard that it is a business or executive class bus. Compare with our buses such as Konsortium or 4-seater Plusliner or Transnasional, they are even worse. Just imagine that you have a squeeze a little bit in an executive class bus for the journey that takes about 2-3 hours, and the air-conditioner is not working fine, it cost IDR15000.

When we reached Surabaya’s Pura Baya Terminal, the time is already 6 in the evening. We decided to take public bus that only cost IDR2500 to our accommodation, Mercure Surabaya Hotel. It is a 4-star hotel managed by world’s renowned hospitality Accor, the cost per night is only RM150.00, booked via Travelocity.com. There is nothing much nearby the hotel, however, we were told there is a moderate shopping mall right behind the hotel, operating 24/7, so you don’t have to worry if you are hungry and needed to buy souvenirs, the store has everything you need, just make sure you bring enough cash, lolxxxx

Since we have not much time and the night is still young, we took a cab to Surabaya’s largest shopping mall Tunjungan Plaza. The mall is bigger than I expected, you can find lot of international brands, however, not every boutique are offering prices lower than KL.

Surabaya, to me, is a great city with Chinese and friendly Indonesian. Comparing to KL, I think I like Surabaya more.

第4篇 : 走访印尼世界自然遗产  Discovering Ancient World of Indonesia IV
February 01, 2010 - Surabaya

Today is the last day staying in Indonesia. It is my first visit, though you can see the gap between poverty and wealthy, one thing you can’t deny is they are very friendly. Years ago, they might had hatred and discrimination towards foreigner and Chinese, right now, what I can see is harmony.

Before leaving the hotel, we were camwhore at the lobby. I thought that we might reach the airport on time but I was really wrong, the journey took longer than I expected and it is definitely far away from the hotel. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the airport.

Though we are taking Malaysia Airlines, however we started to feel panic as we know we might “missed” the flight. When we reached the check-in counter, we faced another problem. Everyone who is leaving Indonesia must be paying Departure Tax (Airport Tax) of IDR150000 or RM70 per person. When we heard that, we were shocked and helpless, because we DO NOT have enough cash. We took out every notes and coins we have, either in Indonesian Rupiah or Malaysian Ringgit, it is still insufficient.

Without wasting more time, I went to the ATM and trying to withdraw cash by using my credit card, but the transaction was failed due to wrong password. I even called the bank and talked on the phone for so long, seeking solutions and assistances from them but to my surprise, they are NOT ABLE TO RESET PASSWORD for me. I was very pissed and disappointed by this “World’s Local Bank”. I used to work in world’s renowned charge card company as Authorisation Analyst and I certainly know they are able to RESET MY PASSWORD.

Half way I was begging for assistance on the phone, my friend and a custom officer were looking for me. My friend told me that the custom officer has granted us the approval to check-in with the cash we have on hand. We both were so thankful and glad that he is giving us a very helping hand. Otherwise, I’m gonna miss the flight and spending more, or maybe we will be locked-up in Surabaya.

I’ve learned a lesson, better safe than sorry. It is best to have more cash either in own or local currency on hand than facing troubles.

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