My Pride
From preparation to official launching, I was given timeframe of 4 days (thanks to chickenpox), to get ready for the first and foremost launching of new products for my company. It is the first and ever biggest fair that I have organized.

With the space of 3300 square feet, at the Centre Atrium of Queensbay Mall at Penang Island, I was nervous and afraid that I might not be able to plan and implement the whole project efficiently. I do not possess excellent and professional skills in organizing the events; I only can apply my common sense and all theoretical methods into it.

In the progression of the event, before and after the setup, we still are facing a lot of problems. The layout plan keep changing, treadmills was overloaded, lack of manpower, insufficient space (due to too much of treadmills), different ideas and etc. Although we have finalized the layout plan at 6pm but during the display arrangement, the display has been changed for at least 5 times. When we eventually finalized the display, it was 5 am.

Many will think that in fact it should be easier as there are so many brains functioning during the setup, but because of too many “processors” processing a program, it crashing and lead to suspension. On top of that, my “processor” is not processing one program but two. Besides the fair at Queensbay Mall, I was handling another new products launching project which is 700 square feet at Sunway Carnival Mall. In fact the problems over there are much more compare to Queensbay Mall but luckily my colleagues is an experienced “old bird”, she is able to arrange the display, while I just supporting her as much as I could over the phone.

Majority of shoppers are expecting to see Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng attend the event but unfortunately he need to go down to KL for Government matters.

On the launching date, My CEO Jimmy Lim, Government Executive Danny Law, model Samantha Tan Yen Lee and other Dato also attend the ceremony. Another guest would be our latest spokesperson also the Champion of "So You Think You Can Dance" Malaysian Version Muhamad Haslam Abdul Rahman Rubaee or better known as Alam. He is performing during the events, I love his breakdance!

Before the launching, we have the B Boys
Breakdance Show performed by Alam and Partners

Speeches by CEO Jimmy Lim but really |||~sweat~|||
coz' the speech is in Mandarin and I heard "China"!!!

All getting ready to launch the products. The guy in
black on right is my GM Mr. George, beside him is
my Director Mr. Ang. The middle guy is Danny Law

Come on Danny! Shake shake shake,
shake your belly away!!!

She is unknown but friendly and pretty...
Lazy too!

Samantha Tan Yen Yee. She is quite tall but
thanks to 4" platform shoes from NineWest.
I saw the price tag sticker still at underneath of
her shoes, must be a last pair and display... kekeke!

Took with Alam while he is relaxing on
massage chair. His size is just like me
but much fitter than me... sigh... Can't see
my scars right? Coz' I put make-up mar!

The view from second floor. Clearly can see under the
word "V", there is someone wearing orange bikini but not
doing her work. Now you know why I said she is LAZY!

I knew that I’m yet to be good in organizing, but this event is truly a great education and experience for me. The pleasure, the success and the satisfaction, all are hardly described by words.

Overall, marks for myself 70 out of 100, marks for this event 85 out of 100.
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2 Responses
  1. huangbr Says:


    你很留意lazy 哦,哇咔咔~~

  2. 当天决定拿下这职位时 信心根本不大
    所以无论如何都得学 一定要会


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