Movie : The Forbidden Kingdom 功夫之王
Watching this movie, I have made 2 First achievements.

This is the first movie I watched in Sunway Carnival Mall and also the first time watched with my dear (Oooppsss… I just officially attached on 22 April 2008 12.00am)

The title for this movie is highly matched with the story line. As for the Chinese title 功夫之王, it’s focusing on both J instead of the story line. If you directly translate the Chinese title, it would be “King of Kung Fu”, while direct translation for English title to Chinese would be 禁城.

In fact I did not expect much from this movie as I know the story line would be just normal and funny. The biggest contribution would be the casts, starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan, Michael Angarano and together with 2 Chinese ladies, Li Bing Bing and Liu Yi Fei.

It’s about the golden staff has found this Boston teenager Michael Angarano to be the Seeker to free the Monkey King. The journey to the forbidden kingdom “Five Elements Mountain” was not easy as they are being attacked severally by Jade Warriors and White-hair Assassin Li Bing Bing. In order for Michael to safe his Drunken Immortal master Jackie Chan, he is dare enough to upfront with Jade Warlord and battle against White-hair Assassin just to get the “Elixir of Immortality”. And of course Michael was defeated but Monk Jet Li and Golden Sparrow Liu Yi Fei were there on time to battle against enemies.

Before the closing, “appearance” of Jackie Chan would back to the climax again. None of us realized that the old man of the thrift store appeared when the movie started is actually played by him. Could it be the lighting? Good works!
Overall, 3.5 out of 5.0.

This is truly "The Forbidden Kingdom"

Should have renamed this poster as "King of Kung Fu"
2 Responses
  1. 哈哈
    戯好看還是旁邊的人好看? XD

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