Invitation to "Our First Christmas 2008"

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Dear Pals,

  • We have decided to throw a party instead of having "Vampire" X'mas eve dinner in any restaurant.
  • You have been invited to join us for upcoming gathering that will be held in above mentioned venue.
  • The dress code would be White Christmas.
  • I have RSVP for you all, thus you are compulsory to attend, you have no way to say NO.
  • If you are to absent, you will be bearing all costs that occurs.
  • House rules apply.
  • Your attendance is much appreciated.

More info, contact me at 012-3996593.

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2 Responses
  1. ernloy Says: sweet!!!
    a x'mas party!!! :D
    invite me next time when i am back! hehe

  2. ernloy
    I donno u de wor... wahaha
    next year la

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