Mamma Mia!
Date : October 15, 2008

Venue : Cathay Cineplex, Prangin Mall

Rating : 5.0 / 5.0

Ever right after the show, the first word came to my mind was "WTF", so fast reaching ending? But when I looked at my watch, OMG, it's been 2 hours later!

I was totally stunned and could never imagine that it's an 2 hours show. The music, the actors and actresses, the sceneries, the photographing, it was so AMAZING!

Most of the well-known ABBA songs were sang in the movie, inclusive Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, The Winner Takes It All,

You have seen Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, the toughest and troublesome Editor in-chief in the fashion world. You have also seen Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies, play tough and work towards justice, but have you ever seen both singing and kissing...? Oopss... Did I just say "kissing"???

Besides, I was impressed by Meryl Streep, the single mother in the movie sings greatly in "The Winner Takes It All" and certainly "Mamma Mia", "S.O.S" and "Dancing Queen", you can truly feel how she felt and what she would like to express in the lyrics. The young one Amanda Seyfried, listen to her singing, then you will be saying "I Have a Dream".

It's also a MUST WATCH and NEVER TO BE MISSED movie in 2008. If you haven't catch the movie, do it before too late! It's WORTH to pay and watch in cinema!

Meryl Streep - the single mother, Julie Walters - the desperate aunty, Christine Baranski - the evergreen lady are best buddies. They used to walk, talk, run, sing even going after guys together.

As Meryl's daughter Amanda Seyfried will be married with Dominic Cooper but she doesn't know who is her real father, so she has stolen Meryl's diary and found 3 important guys in Meryl's life, possiblity one of them could be her real father.

Meryl were so excited seeing 3 important guys in her life, but she also hate seeing them as she is worrying her daughter wedding might be ruin in any case. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgår.

When Amanda getting married, she is getting confused and regret of getting 3 men to come for the wedding, because 3 men were also saying that they are Amanda's father and willing to give way to Amanda. When Amanda told Dominic the truth, Dominic find that Amanda sees this marriage as only for searching her real father.

In the church, Meryl would like to reveal Amanda's real father but she don't even know who is the exact one as 3 of them were appeared in the same time. 3 men eventually were truly understood and touched by Amanda, they all are agreed and willing to be her dad.

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8 Responses
  1. Chris Says:

    Many ppl said this movie is nice,,,

  2. Chris
    it's really nice. have you watched?

  3. lock Says:


    我上兩個星期看後從戲院出來, ABBA的歌曲一直在我的耳邊圍繞著, 久久都無法散去!

  4. kimichii Says:

    爱死“the winner takes it all”

  5. 滑翔翼 Says:


  6. LeeChien Says:

    i've watched. and meryl streep can sing so well.. amazing.... and the island so beautiful...

  7. lock
    我现在想看High School Musical 3


    FasTer Go N CaTcH iT b4 tOo LatE


    Must be expensive to go that island, i go koh samui la hehe

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