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Wow~ It's been quite sometime I did not blogging. Please accept my apology as lately there were a lot of incidents and also sudden dramatic changed in my life, which took me 3 days to turnaround and back to my own life, where I used to chat on MSN and blogging.

Date : April 1, 2009
Venue : Prangin Mall, Penang
Rating : 4.5 / 5.0

Directed by Yasmin Ahmad, she has once again breaking the ice, exposed the loves, religion, races and mindset between different races of Malaysian citizen. “Talentime” truly reflects the Malaysian issues.

The story was surrounding 2 main roles, Malay-mixed girl named Melur (starring by Pamela Chong Ven Teen, younger sister of Akademik Fantasia winner, Vince Chong), and an Indian boy named Mahesh (starring by Mahesh Jugol Kishor). Both get to know each others in the audition of Talentime, where Mahesh was selected to be the driver for Melur. Since then, their love starts growing, day by day, until the day both were confuse to truly understand the meaning of love.

Unfortunately, Mahesh's mum did not bless in this relationship, instead she is mad and doesn't allowed him seeing Melur. The reason being is because Melur is Muslim. She is too afraid that she will be losing her son and become Muslim.

The love scenes between them reminds me “Love of Siam”, where the love is simply pure and “I love because I love”.

Other casts that catching our attention are KaHoe and Hafiz. KaHoe is from a wealthy family, but his father has very high expectation on him that he would need to be the perfect ones.

While Hafiz got my attention during the audition of Talentime, he sang “Just One Boy”. Sadly, her mum is seeking treatment in hospital for suffering disease of cancer. Though she is in the hospital, she is still hoping that Hafiz to do well in his studies, even perform well in Talentime.

I find that the editing is quite a mess at first, from one scene to another, which is totally unrelated, introduction of new characters was never detailed, only when it jump into another scene, then you started 'ohhh, no wonder, guan lai (hokkien), rupanya (malay)”. However, you will find the sequences of the editing when you have almost finished watching the movie, thanks to the music.

There are few quotes that keep playing in my mind...

By Melur
“If the moon can blink in day,
Why can't the sun shine in the night?”

By Mahesh
“If you want me to stop seeing her,
I will,
But you need to teach me how,
As I don't know how to do it.”

“If I promised I will never hurt you,
Will you promise not to leave me?”

In Yasmin's blog
- cinema is not a mathematical equation to solve issues, dear. it is a sketch to express its maker's feelings and concerns, many of which will never be solved.

In Wikipedia
- Yasmin also mentioned that the idea behind Talentime: That as humans, we have to go through a lot of pain and some measure of suffering before we can reach greater heights.

Yasmin's first Original Soundtrack?
The music in the film mostly are composed by Pete Teoh. I personally like the lyrics of “Angel”, “I Go” and “O Re Piya” (Of My Beloved). Angel and O Re Piya were the songs that makes me tears and down.

OST Talentime

01. Just One Boy by Aizat
02. Angel by Atilia
03. I Go by Aizat
04. Pergi by Aizat 'I Go' Malay Version
05. Itulah Dirimu by Aizat 'Just One Boy ' Malay Version
06. Kasih Tak Kembali by Atilia
07. Just One Boy by Aizat Full Band
08. I Go by Pete Teo Original Version
09. O Re Piya by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
10. Just Hold On by Azhar
11. Kasih Tak Kembali by Yasmin's own father Ahmad Hashim
12. Clair de Lune (Moonlight) by Claude Debussy

My review...
We can't deny that Malaysia is a unique country,
We can't deny that there is conflicts between cultures,
We can't deny that understanding is what Malaysians need utmost.

In life,
There is laughter ; There is love
There is sadness ; There is tears

In love,
There is no boundary ; There is no limitation
There is no discrimination ; There is no differences

And... I love because I love

I believe you all should listen to this song and pay attention to the lyrics. This song named "Angel", sang by Atilia

I have a dream of you I can't defined
You've been on my mind
Don't go
I feel lost without you by my side
Lost and on my own
Yeah I'm falling for an angel

Your brightest star is shining next to mine
Every night and day
You know
Stars exploded then they fade away
Then they fade away
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel

Would you please be my babe
Come by and I lay you down
I'm loving when you say I love you too

Won't you please be my honey
I'm sorry that I let you down
Your eyes are breaking my heart in two
Break my heart in two

May the one above us keep you safe
Every night and day
If he knows
How I love the smile all on your face
When you are here to stay

Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
6 Responses
  1. That My Goal Says:



  2. 杰.Keat Says:

    erm~ the story line is quite ok =)

  3. Jayson Says:

    the movie is tremendously awesome!
    I am one of the yasmin ahmad's fans, dat's y. did u watched her other movies such as sepet, gubra and mukhsin. You'll find the same way of editing in almost all these movies. i enjoyed the movie very much and cried so badly.
    the theme is nice.


  4. gardenofadam Says:

    The problem is there in the love affairs. Even in the same race, the class issue, the clan issue. Yasmin is just employing it in the racial issues. Does it differ much if the religon does not interfere ?

    I think so how in our life, we came upon the same issue as in the same race and same religion--dislike by

    a.parents class

  5. bRaT Says:

    lurve how you reviewing this movie..
    lurve yasmin ahmad movie!!~

  6. lock Says:

    i like yasmin's movie, especially 'sepet'!

    i wish i would have time to watch this new movie!

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