Mother’s Day
I wrote this before Mother’s Day but I do not have time to post it.

When Mother’s Day is around the corner, I can see that there are lot of promotions and events. Even on blogs, I read a lot of stories about the contributions of mothers. Certainly, I was touched and at times feeling regret for not treating my mum in a better way.

But why we only start realizing only during mother’s day? And why are we only treating or buying gift for mum during mother’s day?

We grown up, we faced a lot of difficulties; we confront with the pressure but think deeply about it, you are just a grown up kids, but our mum has lived longer than us. The pressure and the difficulties that she had when raising us would be even harder than what we faced.

Make it everyday is mother’s day. When she is mumbling or you feel that she is annoying, think twice before you rise up your voice. If she is not caring about you, she is not worrying about you; she will just abandon you when you were born.

Orphans without parenting; you are completes with cares and loves. Sometimes do have comparison between the poor and the lucky one, you will find that you are live with the fullest of happiness, not the worst or the unluckiest.

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