Black 23
December 23, 2009 should be a memorable day, why? Let me tell you what I’ve been through.

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and definitely I am in shopping mood. Craving to get a Christmas or New Year present for myself as a reward of the year, trying to be fair to myself. Lame, right?

I was lucky to have my housemate Clover as companion to The Pavilion. As we were starving, we went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch, and the stories begin here.

Pizza Hut, The Pavilion 

We knew that the service of Pizza Hut is damn lame but we can’t help not to have pizza today, as we both are in pizza mood, of course price would be one of our considerations too. Compare to the last visit, the services did not improve, in fact, worsen. There was a “call” button on every table, all you need to do is to press the button to alert them that you need assistances instead of waving your hand or shouting them for attention. However, it is long-awaited since the first pressed, certainly we will be repeating the action until they serve us. But to my surprise, the Indian lady, also the Assistant Manager, wearing light blue shirt sitting at the cashier counter were shouting at one of the male staff, “Pergi tengok siapa yang tekan tekan”. The cashier counter was at least 100 meter away from our table, we could hear her shouting.

I was then pissed and to my surprise, I think Pizza Hut is kinda service-oriented, because I found a sticker next to the “call” button, stating the name, contact number and email address of the Area Manager. Will you still think twice if you have a chance to direct lodge a report to their superior? After I have told the Area Manager on what had happened, he sincerely apologise and promised to get the Assistant Manager to see me personally and apology.

Here she comes but her explanation is extremely unacceptable. She first asked me “What is your problem?” is this the way you approach an anger customer? She explaining that the services there all the while have been the same, with complaints and it was because her subordinates do not want to listen to her. She is saying that she just tenders her resignation as well. As what I know, she is still working there. If you wanna experience it, you may go there and give a try. I’m not sure if she is improved.

To know more about our conversation, click “Play” below. You be the judge! (You gotta press stop as this player will loop automatically)

Hong Leong Bank Customer Service Department

Hong Leong Bank, already voted as the worst and lousiest bank in Malaysia. Again, I am complaining them! My day did not 100% ruin by Pizza Hut, but was ruined by an agent named Hafiz from customer care department.

I went to Genting One Hub to purchase Penny Tai Live in Malaysia 2010 concert tickets, total amount is RM980. Definitely I am using my cards to make payment. I was shocked that when I was told my Hong Leong card was declined. As I know my own available credit limit, it is impossible that the charge is declined. I then called their customer services hotline which is 03-7726 8899. Here is the story…

I called several times and the line was engaged. When the line finally connected, I keyed-in the information such as credit card no. and hoping that the info could pop up on their screen, so that I need not to repeat, it will be easier for them as well as to reduce queue calls. But everytime I finished keyed-in my info and press the hash (#) key to confirm, the call was dropped! I tried for more than 6 times and I experienced the same.

When I was inside The Pavilion, I called again and finally there is an agent pick up my line. I thought I was calling the wrong no. as the person on the other line was so quiet and saying “hello… hel… lo”, not even a simple greeting was properly done! I even asked is that Hong Leong Bank, and he replied “Yes, who…?

I started very pissed when I heard this, I wanted to end the call as soonest possible as I know this fellow will make me very pissed. Straight, I am giving him my card details and waiting for him to conduct verification.

Hafiz : What is your mother’s name?
Mervin : *** Not to reveal ***
Hafiz : What is your phone no.?
Mervin : *** Not to reveal ***
Hafiz : Where is your account?
Mervin : What do you mean where my account is? Are you asking me where did I open my account?
Hafiz : YES!
Mervin : For god sake, what do you mean where did I open my account? I am giving you my credit card no., and how shall I tell you where I open my account?
Hafiz : Errrrr… errrr….. What is your phone no.?
Mervin : You just request for my phone no, and now you asked me again?

In our dialogue, it is clearly shows that this fellow is a newbie on floor, probably first day handling calls but to my surprise, what the hell are Hong Leong Bank have in their mind to place someone who is not ready, not being well-trained and don’t even speak simple English to handle English-language call?

After I have got what I need, I request to speak to his superior as I am not very happy with the calls. It is not purely to condemn him for not able to handle the call well but the decision of the management to place someone who is not ready to handle the call, in a banking industry it is strongly disencourage as the call is not compliance due to no proper verification, anyone who knows my basic info can just calls in and get the details that they want, or worse, giving instruction on my account.

Unfortunately, I did not speak to his superior but scolded him over the phone for giving me excuses and same answer. He keeps asking me “you want to speak to my manager?” for at least 3 times, and I replied 3 times “Yes” until I lose my mind. Then he told me he is still new but to me, in banking industry, this is not an answer as I used to work in more stressful and restricted call center in banking industry. He told me that his manager is not around and he will get his manager to call me, he then REQUEST FOR MY CONTACT NUMBER! I just gave him twice during the stupid verification but now he is asking for it again! I was even angrier, in the end I request him to get his manager to call me within 2 hours from the second I ended the call.

If I am the call-rating officer, the call is failed due to:-

1. No greetings
2. No simple verification (ask for customer’s name)
3. Asking irrelevant question
4. Repeating same question
5. Hesitation (tone of voice) and not confident
6. Did not understand what customer’s wants
7. Causing customer unhappy
8. No closing

I am cancelling my Hong Leong card right after Chinese New Year! I hate Hong Leong Bank so much, they just NEVER grown!

Read my previous blog post regarding Hong Leong Bank
Malaysia Lousiest Bank Ever - Hong Leong Bank Berhad

G2000 Women & G2000 City at Metrojaya in Mid Valley Megamall

I used to work in G2000 as Assistant Shop Manager. I am not saying that I am trying to picking their wrong but at least certain thing should have remained.

Clover wanted to buy 2 pants there but size is not available. We requested the Trainee to check if there is any in store room, but he just checked the pants putting on the table then said “Store should be no more size”. Then we request him to check if other outlets have it as I know there are 2 consignment counters in Metrojaya, they can even call other outlets to “check code”. He was kinda refuse to check for us, telling us that the cashier is busy doing payment, we insisted, he request us to hold on. After 5 minutes, I did not see the cashier checking for us, I was frustrated and get Clover to check on the status, he was asking us to check with the staff at the cashier counter ourselves! Clover asked “you want me as a customer to check it myself?” He then went to the cashier there and request senior staff to check.

He then found a new one from store room but another one is only available in Metrojaya. Due to such experience, we rather get both pants from Metrojaya although I know the sales are combined as one. In Metrojaya, there are 3 consignment counters; one is G2000 City, G2000 Women and G2000 Men. Black pants we saw we got it from G2000 Women, Grey pants was found in G2000 City BUT the price is different, it has only 20% discount, outlet was stating 50%. We asked the sales there and he told us consignment and outlet prices are different. If I never worked in G2000, I may trust you but please I ain’t stupid!

Logically if prices are different, it will only happen in such situation:-
1. Different company (franchising)
2. G2000 would not have sent you to take care of the counter in Metrojaya, they may get their own staff instead.
3. G2000 won’t set up phone line and PC with stock control system there.
4. Metrojaya or Mid Valley is having sales or special promotion, outlets may have no sales.

We went back to the outlet to verify, there are 2 more mature female staffs, one is looking over the PC, and another was eating. The one was eating asking us in a rude manner whether we did see the code, maybe both are different codes. I was so pissed and show her the photo of the code and prices we have taken. If I still remember, on-sales stocks of G2000 are “98” series, “96” series color is totally different, with extra free belt on the pant, it is very even easier to distinguish even without looking at the code.

After checked, it was their mistake and we went back to the counter. The sales guy straight away told us that the pants is 50% off now when we request him to check the price on their system,

Sales guy : Oh, they just called and checked.
Merv : Why are you saying the price of consignment and outlet is different just now?
Sales guy : Because they did not change the display.
Merv : Display manual is always given before sales. You thought your Visual Merchandiser Lucia is dead?

That’s how we end out day. We eventually get what we wants, but in a harsh way.
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3 Responses
  1. 类私理 Says:

    All those fast food restaurants are operated by those MLY ppl... So their services are SUCK!!! just like Mid Valley Manhattan Fish Market & Swang Nando's... Their services are sucks too...That why i rather go those Non-halal or other restaurants that operated by Chinese...

    Hong Leong bank got such bad ah??? I'm having their credit card as well... Makes me like want to cancel mine too... But need to clear my hutang 1st... haha!!!

    BTW, I've changed my blog address lo...

  2. Gratitude Says:

    It juz goes to prove that Msian companies suck at teaching their employees how to service clients. Pizza Hut has always been a no-no to me. Their spaghetti looks like water-soupy noodles with a dash of tomato puree.

    You rant well, I like this post! :)

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