Purity of Love

You raise up a sudden question
Wakes me up right from the dawn
I'm feeling weird yet upset
I'm speechless yet hard to reset

I've been trying to express it out
My heart keep asking me with doubt
My mind has lost its common sense
And words has completely gone

It started with a simple chat
Knowing loneliness stay beside you
Trying my best to get rid of it
And ensuring my existence beside you

It turns out unexpectedly
Within weeks of companion
Between closely expression we had
I know that I have fall for you

You were right with all the facts
That the time ain't right to our fates
Current situation barely allow we dates
I wish our relationship will never fades

It will be sooner or later
That you might found your true lover
I shall not being selfish to retain you
But my cares is still always there for you

I wanna be your zero-burden lover
That has no complete control over you
Only loves and care will be surrounding us
Cherish every moment wherever we are

If you willing
Gives me another hand of yours
I wanna hold it tight with yours
Even if it is temporary
I'm prepared and ready

I believes in miracle
That anything is possible
If the rose in the dessert is stood still
Our loves will be the purity of beautiful

I don't care what they say
I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth

From "Bleeding Love"

You may think I'm insane,

but the bottom line is...

For the time being, I wanna be part of your life.

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7 Responses
  1. Sanze Says:

    Feel great right if u can love someone... ???

    All the best yea!

  2. *Anton* Says:

    Awwwwww.... very touching.

    Hope your love and care gets reciprocated. All the best ya! ^_^


  3. Jamie Says:

    a poem? or somewhat a sonnet?
    But it's definitely a nice post.
    Wondering if it really exist, nowadays all those things seems unreal for me. ><

  4. Kway Says:

    男生版的Bleeding love和原版有不同的味道

  5. Sanze
    Yeah, but suffer when u know u both can't be together!

    I wish I could!

    Yeah, thanks for your concern.

    Jonathan aka Lil' Boy
    Hey dude, thanks for the fuuyoh!

    I guess both? Can be poem can be sonnet haha...

    Jesse was one of the composer of "Bleeding Love". I like his version more.

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