What am I?
Who am I?
I know I am lost
Lost in my direction
Lost in my control
Lost in my mind

Becoming someone I never thought I would be
Being admired by those who thinks I am an expert or a jerk
But how well do they know me?
Is this a compliment or confusion?
Does anyone knows about me inside out?

Apparently my emotion has taken over me
Becoming irrational yet illogical
Anger always has its say
Angel in me is hiding in somewhere no one could have seen
I do not know where I could find the real me

There I know there is one who love me
Toughness sometimes bring us down
Teasing sometimes lead to disappointment
There may be certain issues that distracting me
That I unintentionally let my anger on you

Though I may be rude at times
Though I may be over-sensitive
Trustworthy sometimes easily get in doubt
There is only one reason for me doing so
That I seriously concern every little thing of you

Though I am not a perfect man listed in top category
Though I thought that I could bring you full happiness
There is only one thing I can't deny
That I really love you

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3 Responses
  1. :: 子源 :: Says:


    不同的表達方式下愛着你 =)

  2. ian-ization Says:

    Eventually, you'll find your way back to where you belong again. =)

  3. sweet... how i wish someone recite those to me >.<

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