Early Morning FUCK

I got pissed in the next minute I woke up... The scenario goes like this....

I was having insomnia until 7am this morning. It’s been so hard for me to get myself to hit the sack with my 3 quarter closed eyes, and I was being awake when I heard my sister spoken my full name over her mobile.

I took the phone, trying to find out who would call my full name by calling to my sister mobile. It was a Malay girl, she did not introduce herself but straight to the point, telling me I am owing TM a sump of money 2 years ago.

I was so mad and frustrated! I was very straight to the point, firing her until she has no turning back. The conversation goes like this:-

Girl : Hello, Mr. GCW kah?
(Hello, is that Mr. GCW?)

I : Speaking.

Girl : Saya telefon on behalf of TM…
(I’m calling on behalf of TM…)
Her speech was cutted by me as I already knew what she gonna bullshit next

I : Yang bill itu I sudah bayar 2 tahun lalu, I sudah call TM 100, Streamyx Billing Dept.,
Mereka sudah beritahu bill itu sudah selesai, tetapi jikalau saya check dengan TM Point
bill itu masih tertuggak.
(I’ve settled the bills 2 years ago, I ‘ve called Streamyx Billing Dept of TM 100, and they
Confirmed that I had cleared my bills, but if I check at TM Point, the bills is shown as due amount)

Girl : Ya, sebab anda belum bayar lagi. Amaun yang tertunggak…
(Yes, it is because you haven’t made the payment. The outstanding amount…)

I : I sudah beritahu yang bill itu I sudah bayar 2 tahun lalu. I sudah called TM 100 dan
mereka beritahu bill itu tiada masalah, tetapi kat TM Point, bill itu masih tertunggak.
Yang bill itu I bayar 2 tahun lalu, so sekarang macam mana nak saya cari resit 2 tahun
lalu? TM 100 dan TM Point guna system yang berlainan. TM Point tidak dapat masuk ke
dalam system TM 100.
(I already told you I have make the payment 2 years ago. I’ve called TM 100 and they
Told me my bill has no problem. However, at TM Point, the bill was shown as due
payment. The bill was paid 2 years ago, and how am I supposed to look for the receipt
dated 2 years ago? TM 100 and TM Point are using different system. TM Point are not
able to access TM 100 system.)

Girl : Mr. Goh sekarang tinggal kat mana?
(Where are you staying Mr. Goh?)

I : Penang.

Girl : Alamat anda di Taman Segar, Cheras. Mr. Goh tak terima surat reminder?
(Your address was at Taman Segar, Cheras. Mr. Goh did not receive reminder letter?)

I : Tak. Sebab I sudah balik ke Pulau Pinang.
(No. Because I have gone back to Penang Island)

Girl : Bayaran akhir yang saya nampak adalah pada September 2005.
(I saw the last payment made was in September 2005)

I : Bill itu I sudah bayar. Saya tak tahu macam mana nak cari resit 2 tahun lalu. You sendiri
Pergi check dengan TM 100.
(I’ve paid the bill. I do not know how I can trace back the receipt which is 2 years ago. You can check with TM 100 yourself)

Girl : Ok… ok… saya akan check dengan mereka.
(Ok… ok… I will check with them)

Please allow me to say FUCK YOU! I am soooooo pissed off! What the heck are you guys doing?

[ The Girl ]
I was working as Credit Analyst in DELL before, to analyse credit assessment, application, aging, and collections. Normally I will check everything before I proceed to call my customer to check on the status of the payment especially the system that which is not linked.

I am not a staff of TM, but I know TM 100 and TM Point are using different system.

Furthermore, it has been 2 years. By right, as a collection officer, if there is customer did not make due amount payment by 120 days, the aging is considered as uncovered and legal action may be taken, or may have categorized as loss. But they are only calling after 2-3 years! AMAZING!

[ TM ]
I now categorized TM as private government blood sucker. Why? TM is a division of Malaysian Government, though it has been privatized, but it is a GLC (government-related company).

I am wondering that TM 100, a one solution call centre that handles enquiries and complaints of customer. Other than Streamyx product, they also handle TM fixed line, TM Business and even Celcom.

TM Point as the frontline one solution retail outlet that provides one stop services such as new application, complaints, enquiries and bill payments for all channels, servicing customers face-to-face, EVERYDAY, but their system is OUTDATED!

How a giant international company like TM Group could use 2 different systems? The worst is TM Point act as the first contact to interact with customers, but using the outdated system to serve the customers. HOW COULD THEY ASSIST CUSTOMERS? To me, TM Point is just creating another problem.

While TM 100 is back-end support, and I do not know how both centre interact and communicate when there is an obvious conflicts that to be happened.

The lesson told us that, whenever you have paid for your TM Bills, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT WILL BE, YOU NEED TO KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE, till you die!

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