SaiGon VII | 回马的噩梦(完结篇)Return to Nightmare(END)

It's never been a good experience of flying AirAsia, you need to be there 45 minutes earlier to check-in, or you will be rejected.

Luckily I'm staying somewhere nearby the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, about 10 minutes to reach. However, it's so unbelievable to see thousands of motorists in the early morning, I started to get nervous and prepared for the worst, as I know I might missed flight.

About to reach the airport, I am prepared with exact cash on hand. Once the cab was stopped at the departure hall, I quickly pay the cab fees and ran into the hall with my "Super Duper Speed Boots", locating the counter in a glance. Thanks to the RED of AirAsia, also the routes to and from Saigon is lesser, hence, it is not hard to locate the check-in counter. At the desk of check-in, ground crews were curious seeing me breathless, but no matter how, I've made it. Imagine that if you are in Bangkok or Malaysia, though you are one minute late, you are not allowed to check-in.

All of us knew that the boarding pass of AirAsia is printed on thermal paper, for boarding, you are required to walk down to the street and climb the staircase to get on board. But here in Saigon, the boarding pass is printed on the card exactly same as MAS and other airlines, even for boarding, you are enjoying the subway same like MAS and etc. So long I have flew with AirAsia, this would be the first ever I'm enjoying the air-conditioned boarding, instead of getting sun tanned or water rained on me.

While on board, most of my time are busy for snapshots, to capture other cities of Vietnam from the panoramic view. Also, this would be my first time having AirAsia meals. I ordered Vietnam brand Green Tea with Honey, but they only offered Lipton Green Tea. I then ordered Nasi Lemak, they told me they only have Chicken Rice now. I was totally stunned because I read their menu! Their menu clearly stated that Nasi Lemak only available in AK flights, while Chicken Rice only available in FD flights, now both are upside down, so what the heck are all these? In the end, I was glad that the green tea is tasted not so sweet and the Chicken Rice taste good as well. Overall, I would say that I'm really satisfied for flying AK141, at absolutely least, the stewardesses looks good, with good services and smile on face.

When arriving LCCT, we all were complaining.

From the time we walked down to the street, proceeding to International Arrival Hall, we walked merely 2km! The most hilarious arrangement is you need to go to 1st floor for immigration check-in, then proceed to ground floor again to collect your baggage for check-out, furthermore, the hall is lack of lighting. Comparing the waiting hall between Domestic and International flights, it is a shame to see it now being located close to the street of exit of International Arrival Hall. Those who required bus services to the city, you need to walk another 300m to catch the bus, it's totally ridiculous.

I believe that a proper temporary waiting hall for International flight is indeed a need, it relates to the image and dignity of the country and government. It can be seen that majority of tourists nowadays are flying low cost airlines, if government has no will to construct a quality yet complete LCCT, I do not think that the proposed idea of privatised LCCT "The Rakyat's Terminal" at KLIA@EAST LABU by AirAsia and Sime Darby is a bad proposal.
4 Responses
  1. Takashi Says:

    wow.. u like to travel ar?

  2. 我也支持klia-aest這個計劃

  3. Vin vin Says:

    welcom bk to malaysia~
    i also hate the check-in system of airasia, nid to b thr b4 45 minutes...
    i got an experience tat late for 10 minutes, then they won't let me check-in n pospond my flight to 5 hours later... too bad~

  4. lock Says:


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