U N I Q L O = S I E N L O
U N I Q L O = S I E N L O (Boring in Hokkien)
This blog was supposingly to be posted by Nov 04, 2010 but I have overlooked it in my draft. Sorry for the delay.
This blog has no intention in defaming or offensing anyone or any parties. Condenming yourself is totally out of my control. I am just sharing my opinion. If you like it, THANK YOU. If you don't like it, you may ignore this posting.

If Malaysia Boleh, then Malaysian must be Boleh, but I wonder how many Malaysians really Boleh?!

I think majority of Malaysians are just too naive, they are Boleh because they always follow the trends. Seeing what you are using and going after, everyone will be doing the same, so what is the difference with Kiasu Singaporean?

Uniqlo is coming to Kuala Lumpur (Already officially launched on Nov 04, 2010 at Fahrenheit 88 Plaza), apparently they claimed that they are CHEAP JAPANESE FASHION. Majority of Malaysians are so crazy about it, keep joining and talking about Uniqlo before it is coming to town. Even Uniqlo's Facebook can get more than 20K fans before the official launch date.

Okay, you know Uniqlo is the cheap japanese brand, but how many of you know about Uniqlo  MALAYSIA? How many of you know about origin of Uniqlo? I am pissed when I saw some wannabes posted "Uniqlo is Singapore's famous brand, they are coming to Kuala Lumpur". When I read the online news about Uniqlo will be hitting Malaysian shores, I was happy but I am also disappointed right after I got to know DNP Clothing is the franchisee (although business formation is known as joint-venture perspective with 45.00% stake). I am disappointed because I knew that prices of Uniqlo clothing in Malaysia would not be as cheap as in Japan, HK and other countries. Why do I say that?

First, DNP clothing is a member of WingTai Asia from Singapore. To be frank, I hate Singaporean's Retail Management due to their egoness, disrespect and autocracy. Thinking they gonna offer the price like HKD99 = MYR41.25 (conversion rate of MYR1.00 = HKD2.40)? You should be thankful for not charging you HKD99.00 = MYR99.00

Second, DNP Clothing is also franchisee of TopShop, TopMan, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Diva . Comparing the prices of TopShop in UK, after conversion of Pounds Sterling to Ringgit Malaysia, do you see the differences? Yes, apparently the conversion rate is also much higher than the market currency rate.

If you are telling me that they have to take other facts such as freight, taxes and etc into consideration, bear in mind that the cost of these type of FAST FASHION is cheap and franchisee would have rights to choose and import any designs from the outsourcing manufacturers from China, Vietnam, and etc. Best example, you can find exactly the same made-in-China design from Forever 21 in TAMAN CONNAUGHT PASAR MALAM.

Throughout the period of mid of October to 7 of November, my Facebook wall was flooded by annoying "Uniqlo" fans, it's either the photo before or after their opening, that's why I called "S I E N L O", basically it mean "boring to see it". Seeing so many people who have bought Uniqlo are as proud as they have just returned from war with victory. Also, keep telling others "how cheap" they have spent, in fact, if they just need to have to get to know a little knowledge, they wouldn't have been fooled.

If you think queuing for 2 hours to get in, an hour to try out the clothes and 2 hours to make the payment is simply worth it, then go ahead. All you need to remember is if you are staying in KL and majority have also bought the so-called best selling T-shirt (e.g. Mickey Mouse), the chances to bump into someone (or more) wearing the same design, I have no doubts. 

Think twice before you go for it. To me, it is not worth buying in Malaysia.
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5 Responses

  1. Gratitude Says:

    Likewise, I can't seem to comprehend all the stupid hype about this brand. Imagine seeing al the lians and bengs wearing uniqlo Rm49 flannels all around town. Urgh!

  2. Go Smerv Says:

    lock, tq

    Gratitude, lolxxx "ah beng ah lian", good!!!

  3. 上次听到身边的人都说着这个牌子,就好像刘姥姥进入大杂院一样,跑去逛逛。跑去里面看到,大马人在试着冬装,然后一大车人买冬衣。我就想,啥时候大马有冬天?就算上云顶……也不需要人人一件吧?



  4. Go Smerv Says:

    Charles, I will not buy it in Malaysia cos it is under DNP. I now did not buy TopMan also

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