SaiGoN II | 人在De Tham街 Alone in De Tham


Waaaaaa~~~ I had diarrhea 7 in the morning! I was worrying if the diarrhea is continuing, but luckily after taking a nap, I feel relief. On top of that, I find blood probably is from my teeth, feeling a little dizzy.

而我也放胆了,决定一试当背包客的滋味(背包里装着的是手提电脑,哈哈!)。在香港、台湾,因为没语言及文字障碍,可以到处走。但是在这儿,可不易,语言及文字就是最大的障碍。所以我唯有靠地图及坐的士一一去分析,观察到底地图显示的是否那么近、还是这么远。如果从我住的第三屯到第一屯,的士的收费都是在 VND20,000至VND40,000左右。要更省得话,这儿有摩托的士,收费更便宜。不过我还是得为我安全着想,宁愿吹冷气也不吹灰尘。

Whatever it is, nothing could stop me from daring myself to be backpacker (with only notes and laptop in)! I could go wherever I want in Hong Kong and Taiwan but over here, it's rather difficult due to the language and alphabets here. The only helper that could navigate me would be the map and cab. Cab normally would cost around VND20,000 to VND40,000 for trip between District 3 and District 1. Lower cost of transportation can be expected by taking the "Taxi Rider". Due to the safety, I would rather enjoying the air-conditioning of cab than breathing the polluted air.

今天也到了很多游客及背包客的 District 1 第一屯 的 De Tham 逛一逛。因为还有些工作在身,所以就到 Highlands Coffee 上网及享用午餐,叫了一杯 Blue Ocean VND39,000 及 Chicken Sandwich VND59,000。而我一坐就是四个小时,时间过得真快。

I visited De Tham in District 1, where tourists and backpackers would be visiting. Due to the urgent of works that required my duty to in-charge, I had to online and have my lunch at Highlands Coffee. I ordered a glass of Blue Ocean cost VND39,000 and Chicken Sandwich cost VND59,000. Time flies, I realised it has been 4 hours I'm sitting there.


You will see the contrast in day time where people are all working hard and busy with their life; The night of De Tham seems to be very charming, the bulbs light up the introverted city, looks like the city is never sleep.


My usage of outgoing calls is extremely high, I'm so afraid to know the charges of my calls. I was thinking, without my existence, would this company still survive?

Coincidently met my soulmate online. He told me that Vietnamese loves eating cat and dog...

I: "I never seen it and never planned to see it or eat it."

He: "Then did you see any cat and dog on the street?"

我:“没有啊...那倒是... OMG!!!”
I: "No ar... ehhhhh... OMG!!!"


Thing happened when I was writing this blog. I heard the dog is screaming, appealing for helps, all of sudden, I felt cold and they are so mean to the dog. I dare not to witness how are they gonna being so cruel to the dog. Pity!
4 Responses

  1. lock Says:

    一個人去旅行, 而且是語言不通的地方, 我還沒試過呢!

  2. 你去越南旅行吗?

  3. ian-ization Says:

    Dog and Cat Eater?? I see ur travel Itinerary shows that u are coming to kuching somewhere May and June.. =)

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